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Elbow Pain Remedies

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

This week, the best golfers in the world are facing golf's toughest test at the U.S. Open. Although the weather may have tamed the course a bit, the rough at this tournament is always known as some of the thickest and toughest that golfers will see all year. That means that they must be careful when swinging a club in the rough because they may injure their wrists or elbows by trying to do too much.

Amateur golfers can develop elbow pain in other ways than just hacking it out of the rough, so it's important to know some ways to relieve the pain that you may develop. Bill Godfrey sent in a question on behalf of a friend who has had to temporarily quit playing golf because of tendinitis in his elbow. He wondered if the Peak Performance Golf Swing could help alleviate his pain like it does for golfers who suffer from back pain.

I have a friend who has had to temporarily quit playing golf due to tendinitis in his elbow, but he's hoping to start again. I know your swing is easy on the back, but I was wondering if it would help my friend with his elbow problem. What are your thoughts on his problem and using your swing? Thank you for your reply.

Bill Godfrey
Meridian, MS

I've found that a lot of golfers develop pain in their elbow because they straighten their left arm (for a right handed golfer) too much. They key is to have slight flexion in the arm, but without breaking or bending it. Your grip should remain equally firm in both hands, and you should feel that your forearm muscles are engaged up to your elbows.

I've always carried around a neoprene wrist band that I sometimes put up towards my elbow. Anytime I feel any sort of pain, I put it on to hold in the warmth in my arms. If you decide to get one of these bands (that you can see in the video) make sure that you don't strap it on too tight. If it cuts off your circulation and blood flow, it's way too tight. 

Check out the video for some more information on elbow pain and remedies for it. If you get a chance to play this weekend, take a look at your elbow position and see if you're within the parameters of the PPGS.

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Dragonhead's picture

Submitted by Dragonhead on

The pharmaceutical 'gentlemen' will not be happy with you Surge my dear chap ; - ) I don't write of such 'heresy' [to the drug companies and their supporting medico's] as copper bracelets. They work, it is a proven fact. Another wrist item I bought several years ago in Scarborough, England was a bracelet with two jade balls at the open part. It is designed to be effective using acupressure.
The mention of neoprene brought back memories of my Heath Robinson shoulder support [of Korean origin] bought in China. I added a strap with a locking latch to it. It worked well. Now of course I am using one of the most versatile and [to me] effective 'products' you can buy. Not expensive either. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I rub a small amount into my most troublesome areas prior to playing or exercising. It lubricates the joints and muscles. After finishing play [or exercise] and having a hot shower, I again massage a very small amount into the same troublesome areas. It has a host of benefits beside the one I mention here. In India for a couple of thousand years, it has been known as miracle oil~! I was on the usual long term steroid medicines and pain relief medication after years of abusing my body in the military for nearly four decades. This as an army Medic who for several years worked eyeball to eyeball with some of the larger Pharmaceutical Companies.
About 8 years or more ago, I stopped taking the steroids, cortisones etc.
Started using a simple 'Cupping' device and rarely looked backwards from then.
Prior to leaving China I developed real problems with my two 'knackered' shoulders and my arthritic neck : - ( It was so bad, I could not lift my arms high enough to comb my hair and struggled to even brush my teeth. 10 sessions of 'Cupping' and Acupunture at a Traditional Medical Hospital in Dalian over a two week period changed all that : - ) Since then I have never had the problems which threatened ever being able to play golf again. I have NO Affiliation with ANY organization who promotes or sells the services or products I name as beneficial to me.
A product I have used on occasion [funnily enough for left elbow pain caused by 'thumping' the ground in the FUS], was Tiger Balm. It too was of benefit.
My motto on all things is, 'If it works grin, if it doesn't bin'. It has helped my golf and more importantly my everyday life.
Off subject, but mentioned,ie, 'bacon strips' instead of divots! When will golf course owners come to the conclusion that the PPGS swing is also COURSE FRIENDLY??? If I take two divots a round, I consider it a bad swing day. On our last round I had one shot where the grass came out, but it was wet ground and therefore understandable. While playing the course, I picked up and replace scores and scores of size 12 divots and replaced them. So just think how much maintenance costs the PPGS swing would save golf courses, were it universally accepted? ; - ) Surprised that aspect is not touted more.
DH in NZ as the sun breaks through.
Stay well and keep on swinging UP. We know it is the ONLY way to go.

Russty Kiwi's picture

Submitted by Russty Kiwi on

I would'nt be worried about what the pharmaceutical gentlemen & their big drug companies think. I think their only focus is on profit, not people. A visit to the average doctor, will see them type your symtoms into a computer, & see what drugs are matched up. Their decision will probably be based on how much commission they will make from the choice of drugs. Seems that no one wants to fix a problem any more, they just want to treat it. I am like you DH, & would rather try to find a natural solution first.
As far as elbows go ,I get tennis elbow in my left, leading arm ,from time to time, & have found that rotating that elbow slightly open, as we do with the back arm, but only a little, takes any tension out of the elbow ,& stops me from locking it up. Its a tip that D.J showed us a while back, but can't remember when.
Russty from a wet Wellsford

Dragonhead's picture

Submitted by Dragonhead on

I sourced ampoules of a drug in 1991 from an NZ source for a YAWS eradication campaign in the Solomon Islands. If my memory serves me well, it was $NZ8,95 ampoule, plus delivery charges. In the end I sourced the drug in Southern Ireland, 89cents an ampoule, delivered to the remote island in the Solomons~! Treating it is more efficacious for them than the poor suckers being treated ; - )
I had elbow trouble as well. After about a week of rubbing in Coconut oil religiously into the rear of the elbow between the heads of the Radius and Ulna, have had no real problems with it. It is also very good for the skin and cures a host of problems. Never had Athlete' foot until I arrived in NZ.Bought a small tube of a well known brand of medicine for it at about NZ$15! It thrived on it!!!!!! Coconut oil killed the infection. Just look on the net for the benefits if Coconut oil and be more than surprised. A 500ml Jar is less than $NZ25 from a Health Shop and it lasts for ages. It looks like lard in appearance. A small amount in the palm of your hand will melt into oil in seconds. Simple as can be.
Have not tried to rotate the forward elbow open at all to compensate. I only rotate the elbow of the rear arm, so that the crease of that elbow [facing upwards], if viewed from behind would bisect the forward forearm muscle almost through it's centre. This allows very easy completion of 'skipping a rock' in the FUS.
Weather here today not too ugly at all. Will be glued to the US Open all weekend. Any swing sessions will be at home until it is over ; - )
Almost forgot Russty. The coconut oil will be a boon on your knee and ankle once you are out of plaster/Splint etc. It may hurry things along for you,ie. Physiotherapists won't be impressed either heh heh heh ; - )
Hope your recovery is seamless and speedy.
DH at the bottom end of the North Island in NZ

Deb1's picture

Submitted by Deb1 on

DH, I, too, have been nursing a tweeked right elbow for a few months now. Since I've been playing for 10 years and have never suffered from elbow pain until the past few months, I have been working on figuring out what I am doing wrong. I have determined the culprit: I changed my grip and forward arm position recently, over stressing the joint. I have now gone back to my old set up. This has worked, but the pain persists. As soon as I read your comment on using coconut oil, I ran, ran, ran to my pantry. I bought a jar of organic coconut oil a while back, but have never used it. Well, after rubbing not just the elbow joint, but the upper arm triceps area too, I can feel immediate results. Tendon pain much better, and the triceps muscle loosed up noticeably. I am an instant believer and eternally grateful for your tip. I will be using coconut oil from now on.

Thanks, thanks, thanks and keep those posts coming. Deb

Dragonhead's picture

Submitted by Dragonhead on

Glad that you have seen a quick improvement in your elbow. Mine took a we while longer, but there is no doubt at all that it benefited me very much. Never without it.
PS. Another benefit for ladies [men as well], put some on your hair and leave it on for at least an hour, before shower and shampoo. Then shampoo as normal. The results will surprise you ; - ) My wife was totally sceptical, until she tried it hahaha~!
Noticed the Fat programme Surge believes in. It has worked wonders for him. Check out the health facts on Coconut oil for losing 'belly fat' and fat from elsewhere on the body : - ) Just another benefit.
Keep on swinging the PPGS swing and succeed. DH in Wet again NZ
PPS. Perhaps Tiger Woods should try some hahaha.

Robert Meade's picture

Submitted by Robert Meade on

Of course Surge's timing is often spot on. Yes the rough was (is) brutal for the players at the U.S. Open this week. Tiger really jarred his left wrist and arm today. the observation was made that he seems to be bowing the left wrist now and of course he hits down and often takes big divots. Likely he is trying to hard to recover out of that rough. Too bad. I reviewing his swing on the golf channel it was noted that he is flatter and quicker in transition and that his swing was formally a bit more upright and that his current swing is placing more pressure on that left wrist.

Read both DH's and Russty's comments and concur that doing things as naturally as possible in healing is always better long term and often more effective short term too. DH, I haven't tried the coconut oil as a rub yet but it is part of my diet in capsul form. Have used Tiger balm and another one that's good is White Flower. A strong spicey rub. I've used several varieties in my profession too. Remember I 'rub' for a living. As a professional massage therapist there are many essential oils that are helpful.
Of course general care of the body through exercise and good diet along with frequent stretching (yoga) has really helped me over the years.

Ultimately when it comes to golf, following Surges advice about thin divots and not locking the left elbow are the best prevention.

Russty, I also remember DJ talking about the left elbow and a slight turn out helping too. Good reminder.

Thanks for your observations gentlemen.

Dragonhead's picture

Submitted by Dragonhead on

Robert will be interested after you have tried the coconut oil. On the capsules, just add coconut oil to cooking or as salad dressing. Same thing and no capsule outer to digest ; - ) I would hazard a guess you could save enough doing it that way to buy a new set of shafts......or..... ; - )
Not wishing to put a hex on Tiger, but I am of the opinion that he will retire sometime in the forseeable future due to injury. Every time he compensates with a new set-up, swing, whatever he stresses his already badly injured body. Left knee is fragile and now his left wrist and or elbow! What next? There is something definitely amiss, either physically or between his auricles : - ( Shame for many of his followers, but life is often unfair.
Had not forgotten that you were in the professional massage profession. Many essential oils that are helpful, but in my opinion, coconut oil beats the lot of them. Diet also as you say plays a big part in health. My cordon bleu chef, caddy, golden retriever ensures I toe the line in that respect hahaha~!
Looking forward to a great contest in Ardmore during the next hopefully 3days. May the best man on the day win. My money is on........heh heh heh a secret. Keep hitting them long and straight in Vegas Robert and Cindy.

Robert Meade's picture

Submitted by Robert Meade on

Luke Donald looks on form and is due to finally win his first major this week.
My sentimental favorite is Steve Stricker. Though he is one of the best ball strikers of the day and his short game has improved I think the putter may hold back Lee Westwood still. Phil? Nothing would surprise me less as he is determined to finally win his first U.S. Open and is playing great. What a first class man he is. Great father and model for other men. But Luke is my guess this week. We'll see....... Tiger? Too mant wayward shots on this tight little course for him. Maybe he'll prove me wrong.

steve7876's picture

Submitted by steve7876 on

I am a golf lover and sometimes i feel light pain in my elbow. Suddenly i reach your post and see all lecture about golf hitting. I was wrong but next time i will careful.
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