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10 Mistakes that Amatuers Make
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10 Mistakes Free Video 1Video 1 Preview
Why is the correct grip so important? It's the first step in building the Surge Swing. Grip determines the position of the clubhead: open, closed or square. We want it square. You'll learn how to do this.
10 Mistakes Free Video 2Video 2 Preview
Keeping a Straight Wrist
You've been told by most every golf publication and instructional video, and most likely on the lesson tee, that cocking your wrists in the backswing is essential to generate power. Not in my "Vertical" swing...
10 Mistakes Free Video 3Video 3 Preview
A major premise of my swing philosophy is: "Setup determines the motion." And a major part of your setup is posture. Learn the fundamentals now.
10 Mistakes Free Video 4Video 4 Preview
The Stance
How wide should your stance be? You've been told the wider the stance the more power you'll have. False!
10 Mistakes Free Video 5Video 5 Preview
Learn the secret to get aligned right 100% of the time. It's not as complicated as you think. And this may have the single biggest impact on your ability to shoot lower scores on the course.
10 Mistakes Free Video 6Video 6 Preview
The Take-Away
Today we're going to look at another Major Mistake; a part of the golf swing that, like alignment (Lesson #5), usually doesn't register on a golfer's radar when trying to improve his or her swing. You've heard about the "one-step takeaway" - you can trash that after learning my secret take-away.
10 Mistakes Free Video 7Video 7 Preview
3/4 Limited Turn Swing
What other sport asks you to turn your back to the target? That number would be: None, Zero, Nada. Yet somehow golfers are asked to do this by making the "big turn." This is crazy. My 3/4 "Vertical" swing will increase your consistency BIG TIME!
10 Mistakes Free Video 8Video 8 Preview
Straight Back & Through
Want to cure your slice? Conventional wisdom today recommends the "inside-out swing" as the cure. That's the swing most golf pros teach today. Well, in my experience, that's the swing path that will mess you up for the rest of your golfing career. In my swing, it's easy to square your clubface at impact.
10 Mistakes Free Video 9Video 9 Preview
Hitting Down on the Ball
IMPACT - the moment of truth... Learn why hitting down on the ball is WRONG, and how to fix it.
10 Mistakes Free Video 10Video 10 Preview
Negative Self Talk
This last lesson is all about that matter between your ears. But before I get into that, I want you to understand how this series got started and what I'm all about.
10 Mistakes that Amatuers Make
Your privacy matters, and we will NEVER sell, rent, trade, or give your information away!