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The home of the original body-friendly golf swing. The Peak Performance Golf Swing that is the culmination of 40 years of golf experience. Don Trahan, PGA Master Professional, has spent over half of his life perfecting the golf swing as an instructor and a competitive golfer. Traveling the world, Don Trahan has helped thousands of golfers enjoy the game of golf and end their frustrations. You can join the thousands of success stories. Open your mind to a new way of playing golf!

Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 5 July 2017
A question came in from a customer in Australia regarding the Driver Swing video and laying off the club in the backswing. What is perceived in the video and what you have to do in the backswing? Today I clear up some questions regarding what you see in most of our dailies and our product videos. Most of the time, we use short clubs in our... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 20 June 2017
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How many people do you know that quit playing the game due to frustration? They are beaten by the game rather than playing the game. Golf does not have to be hard. If you are following the PPGS, you already know that the PPGS is the way to play golf frustration free. Help your friends and colleagues by sharing www.SwingSurgeon.com with them. They... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 28 May 2017
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One of my Surgism's is "Setup determines the motion". But do you know what determines setup? It should not take too much to guess. It is a topic I preach daily - "The Big A" alignment. A lot of my tips come from what I see in Surgites that come to our schools. Even today I see people with setup problems and we get messages on the subject. Every... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 26 May 2017
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Your backswing should be one continuous fluid motion. Never should you feel like there is more than a single movement. In this video, I explain how to execute a proper takeaway into the vertical backswing. Never let your arms get too far behind your head and into the sacred burial ground. From our 14 Drills to A Better Swing, you may remember the... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 19 May 2017
Alignment... Have you heard this story before? Yes! I talk about this a lot and for good reason. We have golf schools scheduled almost every month. Therefore I get to see a lot of students every month and we still see problems with alignment. Today's tip is about your alignment and making that any tendencies you may have had from a rotational... Read More
Authored by: Don Trahan
Posted on: 25 April 2017
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We have a letter today asking about other golf instructors that clearly teach a rotational swing using PPGS like terminology and even some of our concepts. This is a phenomenon we have been seeing a lot lately. Of course, we are subscribed to other golf instructors newsletters - standard business practice to know what you competitors are doing... Read More