Your Finish - Balanced Recoil and Relax

Sun, 03/10/2024 - 19:02 -- Brady

The T finish in a golf swing is crucial for achieving a balanced and correct posture at the end of the swing. It involves standing straight with eyes horizontal to the ground, ensuring a proper and consistent movement throughout the swing. A good T finish not only enhances balance but also leads to successful and accurate shots, emphasizing the significance of completing the swing effectively.

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The whole idea of a turning to face the target has only one thing in its favor: it allows you to follow the flight of the ball. Neither the "weight shift" nor the hip rotation provide any power or accuracy for the average golfer (for the pros swinging out of their shoes and who have hours and hours of practice time ever week, sure).

Why not skip the turn and stay in the balanced athletic position we begin with and allow the club to swing through and up and over the lead shoulder into a position much like we began with. Ask your playing partner to follow the ball for you (my vision is so bad now I can see it after 100 yards or so anyway).

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welcome back. thanks, realized that last year, maybe longer, i was not finishing properly and my scores and fun reflected it. new year coming in a few weeks
Stu, 82 in New Hampshire

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Great to see the lesson videos again. Please keep them coming.