Working the Ball
Don Trahan teaches valuable shot shapping techniques

Let's face it, the way most pros intentionally create a draw/hook or a fade/slice is to change their grip and either over rotate or under rotate their hands through impact. That's certainly one way to work the ball, but in our opinion, it doesn't give you enough control over how much shape is produced.

As with most things involving a golf swing, Surge has developed a different way to add just the right shape to any shot that needs it. In this video, you won't learn how to change your grip or over rotate your hands (why introduce bad habits--isn't golf hard enough as it is?) but you will learn how to use a combination of club head, setup and swing plane adjustments to bend your shot over, under or around any obstacle. The adjustments are easy to learn and, with practice, to master.

What you get?  63 minutes of video broken up into the following chapters and topics!

Chapter Titles:

  1. Before you shape your shots, learn to hit them straight!
  2. Learning to hit a draw or hook
  3. Learning to hit a fade or slice
  4. Thoughts on The Driver
  5. The importance of spine angle
  6. How to change your launch angle at will
  7. BONUS: How to read a divot
  8. BONUS: Hitting out of divots
  9. Conclusions

You could be watching this video in a matter of minutes!  

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