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Aiming And Target Lines

Tue, 02/21/2012 - 21:31 -- Don Trahan

Terry Striano's question below is deceptively simple:

"Is the ball in a straight line with the target? If so, the body would naturally be lined parallel left of the target. Please clear this up so I can understand what correct alignment is."

We often talk about Alignment on this blog because as you've heard me say a thousand times before, 90-95% of ALL swing problems are due to faulty alignment. And when I describe how we want to align our toes parallel left of the target, I sometimes refer to the line that bisects the ball as the Target Line and sometimes as the Aiming Line. I use them pretty much interchangeably, but Terry's question got me thinking. Is the Target Line and the Aiming Line always one and the same thing?

The answer, obviously, is No. For many shots they are, indeed, one and the same but what if wind conditions require you to make adjustments to where you begin your ball flight to ensure that the ball ends up at or near your target? Or what if you need to "work the ball" around an obstacle like a tall tree? In those instances, you won't be hitting directly at your target, but rather aiming at some other point and allowing the wind or the way you strike the ball shape the shot. In other words, the line that's parallel to your Toe Line would be called the Aiming Line. The good news is that if you always call it the Aiming Line you'll always be right no matter the shot!

Regardless if you are new to the Peak Performance Golf Swing or you are a seasoned veteran, I strongly urge you to watch today's video for a refresher on proper alingment.

Keep it vertical!

The Surge

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