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Bad Back and the PPGS

Wed, 05/26/2010 - 17:00 -- Don Trahan

Tim asked an important question about having a back injury. So let's see what he says and asks and see how we are going to answer him.

Tim says, “After sustaining a back injury resulting in four herniated discs, I am no longer able to turn. Does your system allow for me to continue golfing after I am finished going through rehab?”

Tim, the answer is absolutely, positively YES. The whole Peak Performance Golf Swing is about being a body friendly swing. The definition of the Peak Performance Golf Swing is that it is a limited turn, three-quarter back swing. We turn our shoulders a max of 70 degrees which for most people feels like that you haven't even turned, especially if you were one that was trying to make a 90 degree or more swing.

Thousands of golfers have used this swing who were either going to quit golf because their back was hurting them so much, never mind playing bad; and/or they had already quit and/or they were coming back from injuries and they lucked out on this swing and found out about it and they were able to start swinging and in many cases they came back with little to no pain.

We had a gentleman about six months ago that actually wrote a question asking me, “Serge, I am scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks and found your swing and started working on it and I have been doing it and my back pain is starting to go away, and I haven't even had the operation yet or any rehab.” My answer to him was, “well I am going to check with the orthopedic surgeon. I am the Swing Surgeon, I am not the orthopedic surgeon”. So I sent that question to
Dr. Ned, the surgeon I study with, and Ned said exactly what I just said, “If your back pain is going away that is probably telling you it was your golf swing that was causing the pain once your changed your swing”. He said “if you are feeling better I would go ahead with it”. But what he also gave him was a bunch of caveats in that a) if you smoke, quit smoking; b) get into some rehab, do some stretching and getting yourself much more flexible and do some weights and everything else; c) get some professional help to get yourself more fit; eat well and get all the things so that your body will work better.

But the Peak Performance swing, which is a body friendly, limited-turn swing should, without a doubt help. If you go and start using that swing as soon as you get your back and are done with rehab and back to playing golf, I think you are going to find that you will be able to play golf with a lot less stress if not almost no stress and play more successfully and feel good every time you get done playing. Not only because of the fact that you are hitting the ball better but that you
feel a heck of a lot better. So, yes Tim I think the Peak Performance Golf Swing will help you get back to playing golf when your rehab is done. Give it a shot and I think you will agree and you will be amazed and you will be enjoying golf again.

The Surge!

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