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Ball Position At Address Can Cause Missed Shots

Sun, 06/05/2016 - 10:33 -- Don Trahan

From my last trip to Europe, we were able to record some special videos on the driving range. Today is another instalment of videos from the driving range.  Watch for the blooper at the beginning.

This video provides some more information to the previous daily discussing Pre-Loaded Heavy Right.

Did you how much ball position at address affects your alignment? Ball position is such an important aspect of your setup that you should always be conscious of your ball. Bad ball position can cause you to not hit the ball "On-on-on Square&Solid" because it alters the geometry of where you hit the ball. Instead of hitting at 6 o'clock, you may be hitting to early or too late causing you to hit shots everything but straight.



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Surge, thank you for using the term "geometry" in the text that came with your video. Geometry has become very important to me as I work to regain my ability to make good contact with the ball, ever since I lost that ability due to retina damage in one eye that caused me to lose depth perception. I thought I lost my swing, but it turns out that I lost the ability to use my eyes to help me maintain positional geometry. After three years, I have finally come to the realization that there are two geometries that I have to work on. One is swing geometries, i.e., repeating a desired swing as frequently as possible. The other is positional geometry, i.e., establishing my position in 3-dimensional space so that when I execute my desired swing geometry, the club head will be in the proper position and orientation. It has been a long and difficult journey, particularly since I was working on the wrong thing for two years--trying to develop a more effective swing without trying to improve my positional geometry. In essence, I had to learn to become a human version of Iron Byron.

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Hi Don.....A couple years ago, you or Doc indicated that you have a registered club fitter for the ppgs in Calgary Alberta. I cannot find the video and would like more contact information. I Will be travelling to Alberta in July and would like to set up an appointment with your fitter. Could you please email me the name, company, phone number or email so I can make arrangements to see him. Thanks very much,
Keith Irvine

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Click Certified Professionals in the menu to find fitters and instructors. Only those list on our site are recommended.