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Ball Position With Your Driver

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 14:16 -- Don Trahan

In the vertical Peak Performance Golf Swing, we used flared feet and a quite lower body to produce a powerful, accurate, and body friendly golf swing. Lately, in schools, I have noticed people with incorrect ball position. Their ball position has been too far forward which will cause a late impact on the ball.

In tradition golf instruction you may have learned to align the ball off the tip of your toe. With flared feet, doing this puts the far too far forward and hence causing hooks, draws, and pulls due to late impact. Ball position, like your alignment, must be based off your heel and ankles.


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In another video for iron setup you mentioned that you lean/point the shaft butt to the left hip to set the left wrist in a proper position. I noticed you actually do a slight forward press before you start your driver backswing. Could you do a video or just comment on the driver setup and the left wrist.