The Big Bang Theory

Sun, 12/07/2014 - 15:00 -- Don Trahan

The bump is one of the secrets to creating power and distance with the Peak Performance Golf Swing. Yet, a lot of golfers I work with in private lessons and golf schools don't quite grasp the correct motion of the club while transitioning with the bump. 

As you bump, the club should actually still be going up vertically. This creates a stretching effect that will generate power. I call it the Big Bang Theory. Check out the video and you'll see how it's possible to achieve a perfect bump.

Keep it vertical!

The Surge


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Initially when I concentrated on the bump I had a tendency to overdo it. A wise man told me not to think about it and just let it happen. I've experimented with tempo and had good and bad results. As you've said we are all different and need to find a tempo that fits our personality. I found a smooth even tempo with no conscious pause at the top works best for me and the bump does just seem to happen. When it all comes together the swing is effortless and I get my best results. When I get in trouble is when I start thinking too much and get in my own way.

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My game has got a lot better since finding a more efficient way to start the bump. As Lynn says it is easy to overdo. I've played okay not thinking about the bump but I'm better now that it's a deliberate move. As Surge says " more power with the bump."

I find it easier to get the bump starting before the BUS finishes, if I use the touch of the left upper bicep to the chin, rather than the ringing of the bell that Surge describes. The other thing that helps is having an easy, consistent and quick as thought way, to trigger the bump during the interim between the touching of the bicep to the chin and the finish of the BUS.

After deciding that the best way to keep my legs quiet during the BUS, was to visualize my target side ankle bone not moving away from an imaginary wall, triggering the bump became very easy. My bump is a domino effect started by the upper bicep touching the chin, followed by a small pressuring of the left ankle bone against the imaginary wall followed by an inward roll of the right ankle.

This may all sound too mechanical but seems very natural after a little practice and the results have been worth the effort for me.

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Dave, I too have found that my left bicep touching my chin is a good trigger to start the "bump". Could Surge comment on this idea?

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Kog, Surge's ringing the bell image was very useful to me while changing my swing from flat to upright. Now my back swing is more or less on automatic pilot and I've used the feel of the bicep touching the chin for the last couple of years to trigger the bump.

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Fellas, this part is still a mystery to me and had another go at it last night at the range and balls were going all over the place, had 4 crap games in the past week and can't see me advancing until I get this sorted out.

My videos show the hips moving, but only syncing/happening along with the FUS, which doesn't allow for the laying back of the club. The moment I try to do it prior to getting at the top I'm feeling it makes me cast some where on the way down.

As mentioned previously, will have Surge look at me when he comes down under early next year and have a full page of things to discuss.

5 years on and not much to show on the score card, lawn bowls is looking good for 2015, LOL.

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I've tried/experimented with the bump numerous times thinking if I could get it right it was a way for me to increase club head speed and get back distance I've lost. What I found was by exaggerating the bump I could gain club head speed and whip the club through impact faster, but as Neil says I was all over the place..."long and wrong". It's still a work in progress, but I dialed it back because as Surge says it's a lot more fun to play from the short grass. If I find a magic pill that solves the issue I;ll be sure to share it. "Magic dust" anyone? ;0))

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I will be retiring the end of December and will need to change my E-mail address so that I can continue to receive your daily videos which I have enjoyed watching. My current E-mail address is my new E-mail will be
I plan on playing more golf as the weather gets warmer and I can get out and practice.
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richg, you need to go to the top the page and send your e-mail address change to cust. support.

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Hi Surge,
I save all your emails with your daily clips and often call them back when I have a problem. I am 73 and enjoying golf with confidence, thanks to the PPGS. Everything feels natural as I address the ball to ending the swing. I watched a clip on Jack Nicklaus and determined that he had a very close swing to the PPGS. He is more vertical than other pros. He was known for his distance and accuracy. Anyway, I thought I would express my observations. Of course, you probably have come to the same conclusion about Jack. Thanks for your Surge-isms and keep it up for us who need your help. With respect and gratitude, JohnEl