Is Bryson Dechambeau Vertical

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 07:11 -- Don Trahan

Mr. Bryson Dechambeau has been on tour for two years professionally following the 2016 Masters. His clubs and swing technique has garnered a lot of press, media, and questions. He uses the one-length iron concept, and his swing is not the typical full rotational swing. But is it a vertical swing?

The answer is, not wholly. Dechambeau has characteristics of a vertical swing, but his backswing is the critical spot where it is not vertical. If you review his swing, you will notice the club goes into the sacred burial ground - as we call it. The club is too far back behind him, and he is working against gravity as he begins his swing.

Does his swing work for him? Yes! But remember he is young, healthy, flexible, and has a lot of talent. I would love to see Mr. Dechambeau fully embrace a vertical swing. Using a completely vertical swing I have no doubt he could go far in his career. He is very focused on the science of the swing and his attention to detail is far beyond most PGA Tour players.

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I've been having too many problems, with hitting the big ball before the little one, with my irons. The cure for this has been a very simple one. I now use the turning of the right inner thigh/adductor muscle to trigger the backswing and the left adductor to start the downswing. This simple move makes it difficult to overturn and keeps the swing very centred and inside the feet with little chance of sway. It also makes it very easy to pre-set the address weight distribution to what is required for the lie of the shot. If I take the time to think about ball position and stance, when hitting from difficult uphill ,downhill or side hill lies this swing can produce some very consistent results.
I do better using a more shallow swing with more turning with the longer clubs but find this turn restricted swing very effective with irons and hybrids.

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Looks like I really need to read up on anatomy -- not at all sure which muscle that is out of so many in our legs. But learning this could be so important!

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My name is Bruce Brown. I've been a Surgeite for 5 years. I'm 72 and was shooting in the low 80s but now in the high 80s because of loss of distance. You say we have to swing harder to increase our distance but you never talk about lag. Please explain.

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iam 81 with 7 iron speed of 60mph. what can i do to increase that. i hit the ball ok but with not enough distance,