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Clearing Hips - The Bump Explained

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 21:15 -- Don Trahan

"Do we clear our hips like a rotational swinger," asks a reader? No, not exactly. The key to starting the swing is the Bump. You have read it in our books, watched it in our videos, and maybe looked at a daily video on it before. I am going to explain the bump in another context of clearing the hips.

One of the key things to the PPGS is the bump. The thing to remember is not to overdo the bump. It is a small lateral shift toward the target.

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djobson's picture

Submitted by djobson on

Watching this video the light dawned! I see how I sometimes pull the ball to the left because I overturn my hips on the backswing.
Very Useful!

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Submitted by jaodell on

I don't think it is true to say that rotational swingers don't have the bump. Most of the instruction I have seen teaches that the downswing is initiated by a small lateral movement towards the target followed by clearing the hips and rotation. In my view the bump and the small lateral movement are the same thing, are they not?