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Colin Montgomerie is Vertical

Thu, 04/03/2014 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

Colin Montgomerie is one of the greatest European players to have ever played the game. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame last year and has since made his transition to the Champions Tour. He is regarded as one of the greatest Ryder Cup players of all time and was also the winning captain of the 2010 European Ryder Cup Team, so it's safe to say that he's one of the best!

One Surgite wrote in to mention that he thought Mr. Montgomerie had a really nice vertical swing. He mentioned some of the similarities between Colin's game and the Peak Performance Golf Swing. I would agree that he has some elements of the PPGS, which speaks to what I've said before. Golfers from my generation (and the current generation on the Champions Tour) learned to swing vertically.


I may have not fully explained clearly my thoughts, but i'm sure yourself has observed many mid, high and even low handicap golfers who 'think' they are doing a rotary swing but are really just using their own hand/eye coordination to propel the ball forwards, often such players will get some success but it is more due to curiously doing the wrong thing regularly!!  So, they obtain a degree of consistency, for example a friend of mine massively hoods the club, he turns a wedge into a 7 iron and hits huge low right to left shots, but such players of whom there are legion never truly hit golf shots.

On your site have you ever mentioned Colin Montgomerie? He has a tremendous vertical swing (not withstanding his long back swing). At his best he never hit a bad shot tee to green, he had very little hip turn, more of a hip nudge to the right with his weight shift and then a nudge back again, his finish was awesome with his club running straight down his back, perhaps he may be some one you may look at on your blog.


I love getting emails like this because it shows me that the Surge Nation is very knowledgeable as to what a good vertical swing looks like. Colin Montgomerie may have swung to parallel and had some extra movement on his finish, but there's no doubt that he is a vertical swinger.

At the end of the day, all of these great vertical swingers from the past show that a rotational swing shouldn't be regarded as the superior swing. It simply causes too many injuries to swing around your body. Tiger Woods has to miss the Masters for the first time in 20 years because of a back injury. Stayed tuned for an upcoming video where I challenge Tiger to switch to the PPGS!

Keep it vertical!

The Surge

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Submitted by louiek on

It would be fantastic if you could get Tiger's attention and slowdown the damage to his body.

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You are so right! Tiger was here in Utah (at Park City) this week and had some surgery done to correct a pinched nerve in his lower back. The doctors said it was caused by him "twisting like a pretzel when he takes a full swing". The extra twisting puts a tremendous amount of unnecessary torque on his lower back. I seriously doubt Tiger will ever get back to where he wants to be unless he goes to a vertical swing. R2

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I was watching the final round of the Valero Texas Open, and on the last hole on sunday Roger Maltbie said on the hole that Steven Bowditch asked him, what club he should use for his shot to the green. Steven asked if he should use an 8 or 7 iron, and Roger told him a 7 iron. I though that your CADDY was the only one that could give any help. Is this a 2 stroke penalty or a one stroke. What is the time limet to bring an infraction to the PGA's attention?

I have tried to play by the rules from the age of 12, when I was carting double bags at the Bloomfield Hills Country Club in Michigan. I am now 76, with a bad back, hart at 18 percent and knees, but can still golf using your system.

Thank you Philip Schwenck

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In that case. The caddy would immediately say that he suggested the same thing.

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Thanks Brady, That would have been my response also, to cover any rules infractions.

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Hello all. Just got back from a couple days in Laughlin Nevada. Celebrating my anniversary with Cindy. Played golf yesterday. Haven't struck the ball better in distant memory. Hit a lot of greens and used every club in my bag. In spite of 3-3 putts shot a respectable 43/40 83 at the Rivers Edge golf course (by the Colorado river). First time playing there. Fun but couldn't figure out the greens. The greens were really slow. Cindy came within 1 inch of a hole in one from 155 yards on the Par 3 9th.
My lower back continues giving me fits. Still figuring out what's next. I may get a simular procedure to Tiger's.
Looks like the rest of the U.S. may get some golf weather by next week.
I am picking Jason Day as the Masters winner this year. Any one dare to pick someone yet?'s picture

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before the Houston Open began i was thinking Matt Kuchar and Keegan Bradley for the Masters. they were joint leaders afrer the first round! hope they havent peaked too soon. for an outsdfer how about Angel Cabrera?