Curing Reverse Tilt with PLHR

Fri, 08/03/2018 - 21:44 -- Don Trahan

An email came in from one of our instructors in Australia, Ken McKay. Ken talks about a person walking up and asking about his swing as he was practicing. Turns out the person followed us here on the site, but he had a problem - Reverse tilt. Reverse tilt is one of the biggest problems in mainstream golf today. Reverse tilt will guaranteeĀ a bad swing and a bad shot.

Ken observed his swing and yes the reverse tilt was there. The cure, PLHR, the person was not pre-loading heavy right and getting behind the ball. PLHR instantly fixed the reverse tilt!

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I've played golf for 40years but struggled then health issues and age I bought dons system few years back read it again or most of it and I can't believe how well ime hitting the ball and scoring. Thank you very much and keep up the good work
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Can you please provide a list of your Australian instructors and where they are located

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Submitted by Don Rezanka on

When do you plan to start your 2020 Daily Video's?

Also, It's been awhile since I received a daily video. I would appreciate it if you would review my account, to determine the reason.

Thank you very much for your concern in this matter. Looking forward to your response.
Don Rezanka