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Customer Fitting Testimonial - The Importance of Fitting

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 17:00 -- Don Trahan

Feedback from our readers and customers is always welcomed here at, and we especially like feedback on our Certified Professionals. I read a message from a Surgite that got a fitting from our Certified Fitter Bill Marshall in Florida.

Fitting is important, and you have heard me talk about it before. Now I am going to discuss fitting again. If you are playing with bad equipment, your golf game will plateau, and your ability to improve will slow down. It is very important to get your equipment fitted by someone that knows exactly what they are doing. That does not mean a big box sporting goods store. See any one of our PPGS Certified Fitters, and you will have the same experience as this gentleman did!

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Submitted by SODAK65 on

A few years ago, I had a club fitting with Doc Griffin. He said that my golf buddies would laugh at me because my iron swing was so slow that he had to put ladies shafts on them. Yeah, they laugh at me, but I really like all of my irons, and hit them great. I tell my golf buds who are all old like me, that they need to get away from their R shafts and get fitted for Senior shafts.

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Submitted by Walburghian on

I had a fitting with Doc some 3 years or so ago and was impressed with his Professionalism and resulting Irons he produced. For me and despite being 6-0ft, I have a flattish swing, so he flattened the lie by 4 degrees. My divots are now all square and my Irons far more accurate. I would like to say that my Handicap has gone down but it hasn't, but that isn't the fault of the Doc. I still manage to take the money more often than not though.

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Submitted by whitll on


I have been a customer and a student of yours for about 10 years and have often recommended you to many struggling players that I have played with. Unfortunately, I suspect that the vast majority have decided to stay with the game that they have. Also, I have been an educator for more than 40 years and wanted to provide you some feedback, because as an educator, it's important to know when the light bulb goes on in a students head. I recently moved to Ponte Vedra, Florida and became a member of the TPC Sawgrass Dye Valley course. Until that time, playing shorter and more forgiving courses I was in the low 80s. However, playing this much longer course I found myself trying to take the club back as far as I could in order to get more distance. And, as you can imagine, the more he took the club back the worse my game became. Short erratic drives, chunked iron shots which led me into the mid to high 90s.

As soon as I saw your cactus demonstration I knew immediately what to do. I went to the driving range hit a bucket of balls and proved absolutely that staying with in the swing range of the cactus returned me back into the 80s. I'm 76 years old, hitting massive drives and high flying, on target, iron shots simply by staying in a stable position and keeping the swing within the cactus. My only problem now is these super slippery, undulating greens. So if you have any quick fixes that will get the ball in the whole in two putts are less, I'm anxious to hear.

In any event, your cactus thing was very simple and very powerful.

Thank you, very much appreciated!

Larry Whitworth