Delofting Golf Club at Impact

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

If you play with a rotational swing, there's a good chance that you are delofting your club at impact. The reason this happens is because the first movement of a rotational player is a turn. This causes you to get ahead of the ball, which means you can't straighten your arms out at impact. Your shaft will lag into impact and your 7 iron will basically turn into a 5 iron.

With the Peak Performance Golf Swing, the first move before the downswing is the lateral left shift (the bump). The bump causes a secondary spine angle which causes your head to move slightly back, allowing you to straighten your arms out at impact and remain behind the ball. The ball is only on the club for a split second, so impact is critical.

I would like to ask you about impact position. You said on this video that the butt of the club should be facing your belt buckle at impact. Most other instruction says you need a leaning shaft with hands way past ball at impact. In other words, they advocate delofting the clubface.  Why do you take a different stand? They say you should make a 5 iron out of a 7 iron by delofting at impact. To tell you the truth, the delofting has caused a lot of trouble for me.


I'm sorry to hear that Joe is having trouble with his impact position. But, I'm glad delofting is causing him a lot of trouble because he shouldn't be doing it all if he's using the PPGS. If you bump correctly instead of using a big turn, you're going to find yourself in a much better position when it's time to strike the ball.

Get the idea of delofting the club out of your head. It's a big no-no. Your hands should never be passed the ball at impact. This just causes way too much guess work. If you're faced with a shot that calls for a 7 iron but you know you deloft it to a 5 iron, it's going to be very challenging finding any sort of consistency. A 7 iron is meant to be used as a 7 iron, period.

Keep it vertical and don't deloft!

The Surge

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

As I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I had plans to get the correct shaft on my e bay purchased KZG SP 700 10.5 degree 355cc driver soon and then compare the results to the typical results I get from my larger 460cc driver(s). This driver head is one of the ones that Doc Griffin had previously favored and comes highly recommended by Surge too. Put the shaft on three days ago along with my favorite Jumbo grip. So I used it for the first time yesterday and then again today. Over all results?

Fairways - 355cc 80%
- 460cc 65%
Distance - 355cc 245 yards
- 460cc 255 yards

Some additional impressions are; the FEEL of the KZG is very good. The sound off the face gives great feed back and is not too dull or thudy and not too loud and tingy but gives just the right amount of vibration and the sound is satisfying to me. Visually it really sets up well and looks great. Some of my 460cc's seem to lay either slightly open or closed at address. This KZG SP700 just naturally lays square to the aim line and feet. Requires zero manipulation to feel or look square. It is clean and black with no lines or alignment aids but needs none. Now I said I hit it maybe 10 yards shorter than my 460cc on average. In all fairness I have only used it two rounds and feel additional distance will come with practice. However because I only missed 4 fairways yesterday and only 3 today I would be glad to give up 10 yards. Oh, only one of those misses were in trouble and most were just off but in play. Did hit one 265 today so the potential is there. The other thing is that with my ailing low back challenge I am swinging more carefully at the moment so I am not concerned with returning any time soon to the 285 yard drives I saw 6 months ago pre-injury. I may never hit it that far again but with 250 yards and fairways I will be fine thanks:)

Conclusion. I am really happy with this smaller headed driver and it will likely remain in my bag for the foreseeable future. I think that likely most of you have not found a way to seek out a sub 400cc driver yet. Am I wrong? For those who are honestly considering it I can now give a 100% endorsement. Ideally the best thing would be for you to have Lynn Griffin build you one.
For those of you who that's not ever going to happen and are not afraid to buy one on ebay may I say "Go for it!" For those looking there are always deals out there or elsewhere if you look around on line. I now buy most of my clubs and components for club building on line and am rarely disappointed.

Once again here is some looks sees:)\

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Hi guys,

I know I've not been around much. Life has gotten REALLY busy and crazy the last six months. Just dropping in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DON! Keep it vertical!

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Thanks for stopping by. Actually thought about you the other day and wondered if you were still checking in on us here. Hope you're well. I know lots of friends who haven't said anything for one reason or another lately and I'm sure it's just life and the fact that it has been one of the most brutal winters back east of Las Vegas in 100 years (or something like that). Regardless of how busy you are I hope you don't let your clubs rust. We'll look forward to hearing from you more in the coming weeks Mr. Fleck. You have always added a lot of thoughtful insight to our conversations.

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Your Name: Greg Hill
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Type of information being requested: Other
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Don: After viewing 8 of your instant video lessons, I decided to try out your
swing. I'm a huge guy, 6'10", 250 pounds, 62 years old. I have played golf &
taken lessons for the last 40 years, currently play to a 13 Handicap. I was
previously using a connected, rotary swing with limited success. I figured with
my long arms, why not try your swing? Wow!!! I hit the ball nice and high, at
least 5 yards further with my irons & 20 yards further & straight with my Driver!
I simply firmed my grip up much more, swung into the catchers mitt & up the tree
in my backswing & let it fly on my downswing. I occasionally hit a few fat shots,
but overall hit the ball very crisply, with nice divots in front of the ball.
Thanks so much! Anything else I should work on? Please give me some ideas on how
to use your website. Thanks again, Don, for "Bringing Back My Golf Game"! P.S. I
Just ordered all your DVDs & Can't wait to view Them!

Greg Hill