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Golf After Neck Surgery

Mon, 08/20/2018 - 10:11 -- Don Trahan

A letter from a long time student and devoted PPGS player. Randy Wolf writes in to give a status on his neck surgery. Randy had an accident that caused a lot of damage in his neck. He now has a fused neck, and his doctor said he would not be able to play golf after the surgery. His doctor does not know the Peak Performance Golf Swing!

Randy's letter is a great segway into talking about injuries with the golf swing and who better to use as an example, Tiger Woods. If you pull up some old videos of Tiger Woods (YouTube has many), you can see the change in his swing from his amateur days. Given 30 minutes with Tiger, I could have him back to hitting the ball straight and shooting lower scores. He needs to return to the swing his dad taught him to do.

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