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Golf Tips on Television Channels - Be Careful

Fri, 02/17/2017 - 07:30 -- Don Trahan

If you are on our site, you know that we do not follow mainstream golf in our method. We follow mainstream golf that was taught in the 50's, 60's, and 70's long before the Xfactor/Rotational swing was created. If you learn more visually than verbally, you may want to take caution in what you watch on television. I watch a lot of Golf on TV to see tournaments and catch up on the news, but when they play their short tips, I do not pay attention. Today I want to talk about those tips and one tip I happened to watch. Just made me think that I might remind people that the tips they see on television are for rotational swingers and you probably will never see a swing tip on TV that will help you.

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Good reminder of basics and cut the BS of Golf Channel

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Don, you commented on the action of Jordan Speith on the last blog and commented that you could easily fix his problem of over swinging and reverse tilting, but comparing some of his videos in 2013 & 2016, I very much doubt this as I saw no evidence of reverse tilting, but saw plenty of other things that was way off PPGS. His lower half was very passive in the backswing which is like PPGS, but his forward swing was totally opposite as his left leg was well bowed forward and his hips had turned way beyond what we in the PPGS believe where it should finish, ie buckle facing the target. I can see this guy suffering the same issues as TW, due to additional stress being applied to the spine, knee and hip joints.

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Submitted by Dave Everitt on

I cringe a little every time I see that left ankle roll. A little more ankle flare might relieve some of that stress and increase his longevity in the game.

The Golf Channels' short game instruction can be useful.

Surges' overextension demonstration was a great one because it is an instruction staple of the Golf Channel. Why do they even bother teaching something that most of their viewers, are physically incapable of doing?

Kudos to Surge for teaching a body friendly swing that is dedicated to all levels of players! The Golf Channel would be doing the game a good service if it followed his lead.

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DON YOUR SO RIGHT TOO MANY OF US CONCENTRATE ON SUCH A DIFFICULT SWING LINE .GOLF LIKE MANY SPORTS SUCCESS DEPENDS ON OUR PHYSICAL BEING, SUCH AS BODY TYPE ARM LENGTH , TORSO LENGTH ,ETC YOUR FORMULA DESIGNED TO REPEAT THE SWING IS SIMPLE AND EASY THE GOLFER CAN SPEND MORE TIMER WERE IT REALLY COUNTS AROUND THE GREEN as we all know look at putting stats and end of any winners week i will show you a top 10 finish keep it simple exhaust your energy on short game ,that why i consider your teaching some of the most sound of all professional pga

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I love learning new stuff about golf and I enjoy the Golf Channel. Glad we have it. That being said, any instruction they show has to go through my Surge filter. What would Don think of it? Does what they are teaching take me away from Surge's tips. If it does, like turning and twisting, it gets trashed quickly. My visual of a golf swing is Surge's or Stricker. I pretty much ignore any instruction that deviates from those two.