Golfers Improves 30 Strokes After Switching to PPGS

Sat, 12/20/2014 - 15:00 -- Don Trahan

I like sharing success stories because every single one is unique. It's also because sometimes these testimonials can help other golfers who are having similar problems. 

In today's video, I read about an individual that had given up the game for a long time. After picking it back up again, he couldn't help but notice how bad he was playing.

But, after switching to the Peak Performance Golf Swing, he has successfully knocked 30 strokes off his game! Now that's impressive! His next goal is to break 90 and from the sound of it, he's not far off.

The next time you hear someone saying they want to give up the game, send them to and I'll get them playing better than ever before!

Keep it vertical!

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I had a fitting with ‘Doc’ in early Aug. and I want to state that Lynn ‘Doc’ Griffin is sincere in his commitment to provide you with golf clubs that fit your game. I have only been able to play about 7 rounds with them. I used to hesitate to use driver unless there was lots of room off the tee. Not anymore, I’ll pull his driver anywhere it’s warranted off the tee and I’m 99% sure I’ll find it in the fairway or maybe just off, at worst.
I recently shot a 39 (par 36) on the back 9 of a course with a 126 slope from the white tees. I figured out one of the mistakes I was/am making in the PPGS; I was breaking my wrist during the lift to the top of my backswing. It felt great to be playing the way I knew I was capable.
The new clubs have felt solid from the start. My misses were less pronounced and I could feel that the clubs were well made. I’m looking forward to golf in 2015 and hope to play some of my best golf ever, thanks to having clubs that actually fit! Mr. Griffin, thank you so very much for your expertise as a club fitter.
Laurence Quinn

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Dear Don

I hope you are well. I thought the below may be of interest.

I discovered a fundamental error in my set up which has transformed my golf. In the lesson I had with you in England I told you when I first took up your swing some 5 years ago I improved dramatically and then suffered from a shot that went weak right that I could not stop.

In the lesson you said it was alignment and right hand not keeping the club vertical. My way of aligning was to put the club on the ground what I thought was parallel and then pick it up.

My method was to aligned the club on the ground from standing behind the ball target line. I still hit the ball right often and did not improve and actually got worse.

Playing early one morning about a month ago I suddenly realised my fault. Aligning the club parallel on the ground from behind the ball target line was way out. I then took a line to the left of the ball to put the club parralel to the target line. The difference was immense.

This month I have won three competitions having before being in the high ninetys to now in the seventies.

Many thanks.

Kind regards

John Roe