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Good Practice Shots But Bad Golf Shots

Thu, 03/02/2017 - 20:18 -- Don Trahan

Rather common is the problem of making a good practice swing but yet a bad golf shot. A topic we have talked about on the blog in the past. The root of the problem is the Big A. Alignment is the cause of this readers problem. His body is attempting to correct for the bad alignment and get the ball to where the mind wants it to go.

Want to be an expert at alignment? 

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Hi Surge
Last week I had a lesson from my Club's Pro. He's not a certified PPGS Pro but is obviously a competent teaching Pro and able to understand the PPGS method once I explained to him what I am trying to achieve. There is no substitute to attending one of your golf schools (I've been to two in Europe) but that is not always practical and when one has a problem that one can't fix then it really helps to get a Pro to look at what is going wrong.
Anyway, he fixed me pretty quickly as he could see that I was laying off into the Sacred Burial Ground and insufficiently vertical and this was causing a loss of distance and control. Now I feel back on track and wish to make a "shout out" for Club Pros and the good work they do.
Best wishes and keep 'em coming!
Patrick Brooke
Cheltenham UK

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You have a pro willing to understand your swing and help you. That can be a rare case!