Grip: Fingers or Palm?

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

Today's question has to do with grip. More specifically, Keith wanted to know if the club should be held in the fingers or the palm. This is actually one of the more easier questions to answer, as pretty much all golf instructors teach the same thing.

Regardless, it's still important to understand how to properly grip the club because it's the only thing connecting you to it. I'll explain different aspects such as grip pressure, position, and the role of each finger.

Hello Don,

The video on grip…do you have the club across the fingers or across the palm? As I have been told both ways are okay, which way do you think is best?


The vast majority of golf instructors (including myself) advocate that the club should be gripped in your fingers. But, it's all about having equal grip pressure as well. Once you get both hands on the club and you squeeze the club equally with both, you'll have more control because they're working together.

Everything has to be equal in both hands. If you do that, you'll be able to make controlled swings which will allow you to be a much more consistent golfer.

Keep it vertical!

The Surge

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A BIG THANK YOU ON GRIPING THE FINGERS VIDEO. I starting watching your daily videos when I stated to think about retiring some three years ago. I have ask at least 10 pros to review my grip for best results with no results. again thanks for explaining correctly. just holding my fingers correctly, without a club, I already know, I will have a more powerful swing with less effort . I can't wait for the temperature to get over freezing so I can go the range and practice

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Dear Surge,
how would you describe the grip with the Enlow Grips, which you have endorsed in the past?



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I have the Enlows and have used them on my whole set and then currently only on my driver which love. I have the Jumbo Max on the rest which I have perfered for several years over most other grips.
Do you actually have the Enlows on your clubs? Even though they are larger and have a reverse taper shape you should still play them in the fingers. The larger grip helps stablize the wrists and quiet the hands and fingers. I find that the waffle bumps on the Enlows along with the size and shape allows us to not squeeze too hard too.
I like them and may re grip my whole set at some point. Surge has liked it on the putter but I don't. That's a whole other subject.

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Yes i have them on all fourteen clubs, and since my hands are medium glove size the pressure seems equal throughout the grip. I don't feel like i'm holding the grip with the fingers or palms, my hands feels natural and one-piece. It may be psychological but i feel like i know just where in space the club head is giving me more confidence that i'll strike it purer. Only issue is do not use a 14 compartment stadium type golf bag, Need a large bag with 6 compartments max and stick the putter in it's own outside tube or sleeve. If not you'll be fighting with the bag all day. Putting is amazing, terrific feel and ability to keep the club online. SURGE YOUR THOUGHTS!!!!!

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We all may have seen Zach Johnson hole out from 58 yards recently to eventually beat Tiger. Though I have no intention of copying Zach's full swing (very deep on both sides), I did learn much that immediately helped my wedges. A study of Zach's method (similar to Striker's) help me re-discover my 60 and 55 degree wedges last week. Similar to Kenny Knox, Zach keeps his weight on the front foot. While we generally pre-load heavy right (PLHR) for most of our swing set ups, I found I had lost my way when faced with the 50-70 yard wedge shots that required high soft shots that land by the pin and stop. I have been thinning or chunking many wedges and was determined to figure things out for better wedge play.
Watch these two;

In addition to the thoughts from those two clips a of the other things I was reminded to do is make sure the buttons of my shirt are lined up in front of the ball and to set most of my weight on the front foot and stay there. Keep the shoulders level (not right shoulder low). (note to those concerned about the need for hitting down. This automatically set the low point of the arc past the ball so don't add any downward strike). You'll hit the ball first and in essence be hitting as the club descends first before it's path up). All of the sudden I hit a lot of great 56/60* wedges crisp and pin high or within 10 feet. It was scary good. The idea of ball back and weight forward automatically gave me ball first contact and fun results. Turning my high loft clubs into my best friends now.
With the rest of my game rounding into form better wedges and more putts dropping I am getting excited again about future low scores:)

Going snow skiing this week but can't wait until the following week to get the wedges back in my hands. New found confidence for sure.