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Jordan Speith's Swing Issues Are And Easy Fix

Mon, 02/13/2017 - 21:46 -- Don Trahan

There have been a lot of questions about Jordan Spieth's swing. We have been receiving questions from not only our customers but our certified instructors. What could fix Spieth's swing? He is a mostly vertical swinger but is having problems in his game. Spieth has a very vertical swing, but he has a problem that he has not been able to realize.

The answer is End of Backswing Reverse Tilt (EBRT)! Spieth's tilt in his backswing is the root of his problem. If he would take a 3/4 backswing and swing the same as he does now, it would fix his problems. His ball striking would greatly improve for solid and square impact. Spieth is not listening to the words of his coach who is telling him to keep his head behind the ball.

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Craig63's picture

Submitted by Craig63 on

Very interesting observations from Surge about Jordan's swing, he has a great swing that should not beat his body up like others swings such as my man Jason Day. Good win recently by Jordan at Pebble.

I was hoping Surge may have made a comment about what I thought I was observing with Jordan, when he was struggling with "blocks" to the right, in regards to an alignment issue. I thought I was seeing him aligning slightly parallel right and was actually hitting these "blocks" solid straight. Unless of course he was aiming to hit a draw which is seemingly not a natural shot shape for him.

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Submitted by MikefromKy on

I don't disagree with Don's comments on Jordan's swing. I was wondering what is going on with DJ ? Is he having health issues ? I check on him on the events seems to be struggling. Hope everything is ok with him health wise.