Keep Wrists Firm in the Backswing

Wed, 01/19/2011 - 17:07 -- Don Trahan

'€œGood wrist action is no wrist action.'€ That'€™s one of the fundamentals of the '€œSurge Swing.'€ Jim, one of my students, sent me a great email, which reminded me of the '€œchin-shoulder'€ contact and how it keeps you from cocking your wrists in the backswing.

As Jim pointed out, when you feel your shoulder touch your chin, that'€™s it, end of backswing. No cocking the wrists. Keep your wrists firm. You'€™ll then feel the end of that ¾ backswing. And it is, at this point, all about feeling. At each step of the Surge Swing, we'€™re adding layer after layer of '€œfeel.'€

In this video, I explain those building blocks and how you can build the Surge Swing with each of those blocks. In the end, you'€™ll understand that you'€™ll be feeling the Surge Swing and you'€™ll '€œswing that feel.'€

Thanks, Jim.

The Surge!

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