Live Broadcast - New Year of Golf

Fri, 01/09/2015 - 08:41 -- Don Trahan

Welcome to another edition of our Google Hangouts-On-Air with Don. Don discusses the new year of golf with Doc and talks about the upcoming golf school schedule a few other things.  Don has a quick discussion regarding a recent twitter post by the European Tour that has a picture of someone with a vertical golf swing on the European tour at the South African open. Continuing, Don answers a few questions in regards to overcoming some physical limitations and has a quick discussion in regard to DJ's golf game.

Doc joins the conversation after a few technical issues are worked out and he answers some fitting related questions. At the end of the show Doc gives a very detailed explaination of 1 Iron Clubs.

If you have a Google Account you can watch the recording on plus that will include the interactive tools for the question and answers.


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spinney's picture

Submitted by spinney on

Hi Doc - can you help? I have been playing Golf for nearly 40 years and I have always had the nemesis of dropping the club too far on the inside on the way down - I very rarely take divots and when I do they are always right of the target.sometimes the iron shots feel thin and the sensation is of flipping my wrists. Love the PPGS but can you help- Neil in London.

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Submitted by robb60 on

Just had a chance to listen. A few things.
Number 1. Great to hear Don's doing well. as far as his game? Give it a season for a real test.

Number 2. Hoping for a good year for DJ. Great guy.

Number 3. Loved that 5 wood 3 hybrid answer by Doc. Got both this month.

Number 4. Lot a stuff being thrown out on TV by instructors right now. You know what channel. I enjoy listening but I always give it the Surge test. What would he think? I always hear the saying that you must be a student of the game. I'm a student of the Surge.

Number 5. Don's rock on a rope and skipping a rock on a lake tips almost always puts me back in place. I think they are super swing thoughts. I must like rocks.'s picture

Submitted by gordandbev.brow... on

Have been following Don's videos and instruction for years and have benefited
greatly. I love to go back to refer to old files when my swing falls apart.
I would love to play more often to get more consistent, perhaps later.Thanks Don you do a great job and should be followed by more golfers.

Nigel Patrick Christie's picture

Submitted by Nigel Patrick C... on

Hi Don

I start my swing by turning my Left pocket behind me and lifting club from my shoulders to maintain a square right wrist

I am a left hand golfer , am I on the right track , my downswing is a bump to the right

I have subscribed and purchased
PPGS swing series and Kennyknox short game from your shop previously
Regards Nigel Christie

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Submitted by Brady on

You will need to visit a certified instructor for lessons. There are none in the Denver area. Refer to our list here on the site. Click "Certified Professionals"