Milking the Golf Club

Tue, 08/16/2016 - 15:00 -- Don Trahan

In the 1970's I learned a valuable lesson from a PGA Tour Player Billy Maxwell. I played a PGA tournament with Mr Maxwell and during practice, he instilled into me a lesson that to this day I carry on in my play and my teachings. The lesson was about "milking" the club during your setup. At the time, I was a milker. I would adjust my grip pressure and potentially move my hands during my setup. Mr Maxwell saw me do this during practice and gave me a lesson that I will never forget. Listen to the video for the rest of the story and why "milking" you club is very detrimental for your setup.

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During this video you mentioned going to full grip pressure. For the left hand, [forward arm] you pointed to your upper forearm, implying that this muscle group needs to be activated. That would result from pressure of thumb and index finger. My understanding is the lower 3 fingers should have the grip pressure to activate the lower arm muscles on left arm to be ready for the down swing. Can you please clarify how to properly activate forearm muscles through the grip?