New Tips for Alignment - Making the "H"

Sat, 01/23/2016 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

If you've followed along with my videos and teachings over the years, you know that I believe alignment is the number one issue plaguing amateur golfers. There are so many different ways in which alignment can effect a shot, it's hard to cover everything in a short, 5 minute video. That's why I even dedicated an entire full length video to the subject called The Ultimate Alignment Video.

But, today I'll share an entirely new idea when it comes to making the "H" and how it can help you achieve perfect alignment much easier and much more often.

Keep it vertical!

The Surge


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Can't wait to try this. I have been standing much farther ( a couple of paces) behind the ball before walking in to the address position. I like the idea of having a way to always stand the same distance behind the ball, while sighting both the primary and intermediate target. Walking into the shot with a shorter, tighter circle also makes sense. Marking the shaft near that interim position with something like narrow piece of tape might also be worth a try.

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I agree that alignment is key. I am one of those that tends to line up aiming right. While I know this is wrong, it seems that I need to aim right in order to get the ball to go anywhere near straight. If I align more to the left (i.e. straight or left), the ball just goes further left. Sometimes when I aim right, I will hit a big hook. Other times I will hit a straight push to the right. Sometimes I will start it right and draw it back to center. Sometimes I will hit it dead straight at the target. I guess this means that I am a bundle of compensations. I will try again to get my alignment correct, but I must admit that I am not optimistic.

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I just read Don's 'keep it vertical ' comment at the bottom of the video for the umpteenth time. Now this time it made me chuckle. I just watched both PGA and European tourneys this weekend. Mickleson's and Fowler's newer swings had the announcers saying the same thing numerous times. Trying to get it more vertical....trying to get it more vertical. Is there a turning of the tide? I wonder.'s picture

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I am not getting the daily videos on my e-mail like I used to. I need help.

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Send an email to support at the top right of this page.

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Unknown to me but anything is possible. Please add me back to the list. Thx.

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

Just a little report on the progress of My wife Cindy and her golf game.
The only swing she's ever known is the Peak Performance swing by Surge.
When I taught her how to play I used the original PPGS videos as a guideline and all of her fundamentals are vertical and from Don Trahan. We both had the honor of meeting Surge and receiving his personal instruction several years back.
Anyhow she's been steadily playing and scoring better each week. The toughest part was a lack of distance, especially with her Adams fairway 5 metal. I put on a thinner, lighter ladies grip yesterday and for the first time ever she was stripping her 5 wood over 170 yards an dead straight. As a result she was on every green in regulation and broke 40 for 9 for the first time ever. Not only did she break 40 she shattered it with a 37!!!!! With one birdy and one bogey she was even with one whole left. A final one over on #9 gave her the 37. She's come a long way from teeing it up in the fairway and shooting over 100 per round. Next time out I may ask for strokes, lol!!
Thanks Surge.
Brady, please pass on this news to Don and thank him for her:)

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I am excited to see this one and can't wait to try it out, however, I am not clear how this will work with different length clubs. What is the reference point?
It will be wonderful if you come up with a mantra to maintain the spine angles for different clubs.'s picture

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The information revealed about the right hand initiating the follow through is incredible. Wow.
Instant improvements.

I just want to know your thoughts on the right elbow on the downswing.