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One Piece Takeaway in the PPGS

Fri, 05/26/2017 - 14:48 -- Don Trahan

Your backswing should be one continuous fluid motion. Never should you feel like there is more than a single movement. In this video, I explain how to execute a proper takeaway into the vertical backswing.

Never let your arms get too far behind your head and into the sacred burial ground. From our 14 Drills to A Better Swing, you may remember the cactus drill, hands up in a cactus pose. Those drills include an additional drill just on the takeaway - the serving champagne drill.

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Hacker89's picture

Submitted by Hacker89 on

Thanks Don! This video brilliantly clarified my understanding. I was having the same problem as your correspondent, effectively doing a two-stage takeaway. Now to try it out tomorrow - fingers crossed! Bob MacLean's picture

Submitted by johner149@comca... on

Hi Surge,
Thanks for all the tips you give.
I'm 76 years old and still love the game.
I had a surge (no pun intended) in my game in spite of my old age after discovering the PP golf swing.
However, the older I get, the more my body does not turn into the swing.
How do you instruct very old men who can just go up and down with the swing without much turning?
I would like to play a few more years, but the older I get, the shorter the distance in my shots.
Is it possible to swing with arms only?
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Submitted by on

Thanks for this video. I was making the takeaway two piece and it was driving me nuts. "Turn, am I in the mitt, okay lift" Played two rounds with a one piece thought and shaved 8 strokes both times. The best is the smile on my face when the ball goes straight to the target.

Thanks's picture

Submitted by w_krauss_jr@hot... on

Hi surge,
I'm 59 years, started playing golf 47 years ago
on a Royal Air Force GC in Germany.
Because of a neurological problem I learned about pp golf swing,
bought the videos etc. Swing now is much more body friendly than
before, thanks to your method.
I have one question:
This problem is permanent, since I started with PPGS.
Once in a while during a round of golf I'm hitting fat shots.
Up the tree-bump-up the tree, but I get to the ground first.
Any idea how this can happen?
All the best to you
from germany

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Submitted by Kevin McGarrahan on

I occasionally have the same issue. I just turned 68. What I have realized is that my problem is TENSION. Because I have lost distance over the years, I find myself trying to get it back the wrong way. Just as I get near the top of the backswing, I try to swing forward too quickly. The only way to do that is to tense up my shoulders and arms to stop going back. As soon as I do that, I hit the ground at least 3 inches behind the ball.

Yesterday, I made sure I finished my backswing first. I hit over 100 balls without hitting the ground a single time; first time I ever did that. I recall Surge saying, at one point, that tension is the enemy, or something to that effect. Keeping my shoulders and upper arms relaxed throughout the swing enables me to make very good contact with the ball almost every time.

Hope this helps.