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Pain Free Golf After Back Surgery

Thu, 04/30/2009 - 18:00 -- Don Trahan

Pain Free Golf After Back Surgery

Have some interesting emails to share today.

Let's start with this one from a man who thought he could NEVER play golf again until using the Peak Performance Golf Swing and making a few simple changes:


After having my back fusion operation at L3/L4 five years ago,and 11 months ago shoulder surgery; I thought my golf game was finished. Prior to the surgeries, I was a scratch player and even tried to qualify for the senior U.S. open. Your first two lessons plus one of your swing thought tips has given me back my distance and accuracy without killing my back or stamina.

I went to the range and had a great practice session, and felt like I could play 36 holes afterward. Thank you for giving me back my game and hope for it. I'm looking forward to the rest of the lessons. I will teach this approach to my grandchildren. Who knows, maybe another senior open attempt, I'€™m only 55.


DON TRAHAN: Chuck, that's great news and proof positive that no matter how bound up in pain someone is from years of bad swings, you can still come back and keep winning.

Good job!


I bought your DVD'€™s and watched them several times, and went to the driving range once and today I played 18 holes. I have been trying to play for 12 years not scoring well but enjoyed every round. I knew I was on to something at the driving range, but today I put 3 in the water right, and 1 into the woods left and still scored 83 that was my best round ever.

Can'€™t wait to play again.

I have had Back surgery, neck and Knee surgery and today I believe I could have played 36 holes.

Can you tell I am excited?

Panama City Beach, Fl.

DON TRAHAN: Ralph, it makes my day to see “my guys” go from struggling and frustrated to having FUN again like you are. Keep me posted on your progress.


After 4 weeks, and being self tutored with your DVD and manual (since I am half way across the world in Sydney), I think I am getting the hang of the PP Swing. In the last club comp, I did hit 17 of 18 fairways and played 10 shots better than my handicap.

-S P Wong

DON TRAHAN: Excellent S P, just goes to show the simplicity of my swing. You are a perfect example of why you don't have to get worse before you get better or drop your life savings on local instruction to play significantly better golf.

Well, my friend, that's it for today.

Until next time, here'€™s to painless swings and low scores!

The Surge!

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