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Fri, 01/18/2013 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

I always get asked about my son, DJ Trahan, and whether or not he really uses the Peak Performance Golf Swing. DJ has won multiple times as a professional golfer, including wins on both the PGA TOUR and WEB.COM TOUR (formally known as The Nationwide Tour). DJ is also recognized as one of the top collegiate golfers of all time. Believe it or not, he accomplished it all with this swing, the PPGS!

Here's a question from David Nhare that inspired today's daily video:

I have a question that may have been answered many times, but I don't remember seeing the question or the answer. Does [DJ Trahan] use the Peak Performance Golf Swing?

I've been DJ's swing coach his entire life. He's my number one student and the prime example I give of why this swing is not just for golfers with back issues and limited ability. It's also the swing that I teach all my top, professional students whether they're on the PGA TOUR, LPGA TOUR, or high within the ranks of collegiate golf. But, that doesn't mean that DJ and I swing exactly the same way. There's parameters that I provide and it's up to the student and coach to incorporate that into each golfer's physical makeup.

Today I'm going to discuss what I constantly work on with DJ, but I'm also going to explain why each person has to find their own comfort level with the swing. The important thing, however, is that you are still working within the parameters that I define. Once you start getting away from the fundamentals, that's when you've got to pull yourself back and remember the basics.

It's no secret that DJ struggled last year on tour, but he was finally starting to show some form towards the end of the season, as was evident when he finished in 4th place at The McGladrey Classic. It's because we got back to the fundamentals. This week is his first start of the 2013 season on the PGA TOUR. As a former champion of this week's event, I expect good things over the weekend!

Remember that it's okay to search for things that work for you that may not work for a fellow Surgite. As long as you're within the parameters I have set forth over the many years of teaching this swing, I've got no problem!

Keep it vertical!

The Surge 

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Submitted by barrowcloughr@a... on

well it sure is working today ! he was -8 just dropped first shot of the day on the 15th but at -7 he;s at tied 58th! high standard or easy course lol,

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Submitted by Dragonhead on

Great to view this video.Perfection is the target I may never attain, but sure as heck it will get my total effort within the parameters of my battered carcass etc! To be the best we can be, is all we can ever hope to achieve. I will take that ANY day over the pain and inconsistent play before finding the PPGS swing. Keep it long and consistently straighter and longer where ever you are Surgites.
DH who will never quit in the quest ahead.

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Submitted by Lynn42 on

I hate pimples on my nose. ;0) Like most of us I'll probably never get to executing the PPGS the way I'd like. I do know that coming as close as I'm able has improved my game and made golf a lot more fun. My back thanks me after every round. Surge is absolutely right about the basics

When I get the setup and practice swing right I know it's going to be a good day. Just get out of my own way and let it happen.

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

Excellent timing Surge. DJ really has played well and finds himself in position for a good week end. I am so very happy for you and DJ seeing all your hard work and practicing those fundamentals paying off. What really impressed me is that even after a rare bogie he has been able to right the ship and apply secret #5 which basically says "so what, let it go and set up and swing correctly." Hopefully we will actually get to see him a couple times over the week end. If he keeps moving up the leader board maybe so. Mean while I say "way to go!!".

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Submitted by Tee On 13 Golf on

Took advantage of 40 degree ,windy day in ChiTown on Friday and made it to outside range.

Driver, 8 and PW all have Enlows installed.

Besides the PPGS, said grips are a game changer for me. I hope I'm not dreaming!

The dreaded "H" word has not been part of my vocabulary.

With the exception of a few pushes to right, shots are straight with slight draw.

Already placed order for additional grips to complete set....

Many thanks to Surge and Brad Enlow!


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Submitted by Robert Silk on

Ordered 14 grips on 28 December - arrived in Taranaki New Zealand 9 days later on 5 January 2013 - I was really impressed with service - Age 82 play 3 times a week - Sinced fitting grips have played two rounds each 16 shots better than previous - hitting ball straighter and with increased distance - a must for players with hands issues - Since converting to Surge style six years ago no longer have back pain problems. We are lucky with our weather here - can play 52 weeks of the year- a game missed can never be caught up with.

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

Was nice to see DJ have another
good day and make the cut today. Saw he had a double bogie at the last but was still safely in. Let's hope for a strong finish on Sunday.'s picture

Submitted by bazshort1@bigpo... on

I am almost 80 and am not as physically able as I used to be. I have a problem with moving my head to the left at the start of the forward up swing. To overcome this, I have resorted to, at the start, keeping my head still whilst feeling the shoulders turn around the head as the club turns to the toe line, followed by the uplift to the top of the swing. At the start of the forward up swing, I still concentrate on feeling the shoulders turn around the head whilst the club comes down, strikes the ball on line, and continues the up swing to the finish. The has allowed me to consistently hit the ball quite well, having a correct centre of the swing and overcomes the apparent innate desire of my head to incorrectly move.
Barry Short, Brisbane, Australia.