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PPGS Eliminates Chopping and Topping

Sat, 02/08/2014 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

The Peak Performance Golf Swing is all about lift. But, if you lift too much, you could throw yourself out of dynamic balance and start chopping and topping the ball. Your head has to stay still. If it starts lifting up, that means your hands are getting too far above your head. So, how do you find a happy medium?

That's the question Ross Bradfield wanted to know the answer to. He's having a problem with his backswing that involves his shoulders. When he starts his takeaway, his shoulders start lifting up, which is leading to some nasty chops at the ball. So, today I'm going to explain how the parameters of the PPGS will eliminate any topping of the ball...if you do it right!


You may remember me from your first session in Melbourne. In lifting the arms (after a “bit of turn”), it is not clear how to avoid at the same time lifting the shoulders, thereby raising the arc & leading to an ugly chop at the ball rather than a swing. Surely the shoulders (& head) should stay at the same “level” in the backswing? With its arms focus, how does the PP swing avoid chopping (& topping)?

With thanks,
Ross Bradfield

Keep that head still. Put your back to the sun and watch your shadow while taking some practice swings. Is your head moving? If so, how much? The more accurate feedback you have, the easier it will be to make the proper adjustments. 

Remember that your knees are the levelers and stabalizers. Too much movement in the knees will cause a domino effect throughout the rest of your body and you'll never be in control of your swing.

Good luck and keep it vertical!

The Surge

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Why have you changed the familiar introductory music to the daily video tip? I'm missing 'an old friend'!

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Personally I think they should use one of guns and roses songs for the intro.

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I would rather hear "Free Bird", "Simple Man" or "More Than a Feeling" but unfortunately they have to pick some generic song that is probably available without paying royalties.

But on second thought if I liked the song very much I would be aggravated unless they played the entire song. ;-)

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Steve, Mike,
Good choices guys. "Long Time" would get my vote. I had the gradual lead in from that one as my phone ring a few years back.

First 45 seconds of this cut was my phone ring;
Any time this tune starts I crank it up and close the windows!!

Hey, Surge was born Mass. so cool:)

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Yep. I used to hate to buy albums because I had to listen to a lot of stuff I didn't like just to get to what I did like.

That wasn't the case with Boston's first album and I wore it out.

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Have just been to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert here about 12 hours ago. Free Bird & sweet home alabama, two of my all time favourites . Awesome show, with 10cc & Starship, also playing

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Wow! Sounds like a great show. I never thought about Skynard being popular that far away. ;-)

Of course it's required around here for every radio to be on full blast when Sweet Home Alabama comes on. After all at the start of the song Ronnie said "Turn it up."

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Seems we have fun talking about a variety of themes besides golf. We are a diverse group but I can see most of us were (are) rock'n rollers. Oh ya!

Did want to comment on today's daily tip though. It is especially applicable to me as of late. I am bound and determined to shorten my swing because of recent back issues. That was one of Surge's best explanations of what a flying elbow actually is and how to learn to keep from raising the shoulder and go to far back/high with the elbow and back shoulder. I am really working on keeping it three quarters. Knees are the bees and the cactus drill:)

Last week Cindy and I both had one birdie playing an evening nine. Mine was after hitting an 8 iron to 4 feet. Her's was more spectacular though. Came really close to her first hole in one. Par 3 90 yards, up hill against a chilly breeze I told her to take at least one more club which for her meant a 7 iron.
Laser to 10 inches. That's the kind of stuff that has her hooked to the game now.

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What's golf? (Just joking)

Haven't played hardly at all lately and it's supposed to snow again tomorrow. I did play a quick 9 holes yesterday (first time in quite a while) and didn't play well at all. Hit my driver absolutely great but was pathetic with irons and failed to get up and down twice on shots that I should be able to do with my eyes closed.

Had an early release and a flip with all of my iron shots causing me to hit the ball fat and when I tried to fix it I either hit it thin or right or left (yuk!!!).

Even shanked a 50 yard approach shot (double yuk!!!!!!)
(What a game).