Proper Backswing Turn and Load

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

Most golfers have the issue of turning too much in their backswing, which diminishes their ability to get back to a solid impact position. The opposite actually happens for me!

I struggle sometimes because I don't turn at all. This comes from many years teaching a limited turn vertical golf swing, along with occasional cold weather in the South!

If you want to hit your driver and irons pure, you still need to turn. Just don't overdo it.

Watch today's video to see how I work on maintaining the proper amount of turn. It's what allows me to load properly and get the power and distance I'm accustomed to seeing.

Keep it vertical!

The Surge

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Absolutely right, I discovered this this week, a little turn is a good thing
Hitting better already!
Tom O.

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The setup for the Surge swing pretty well takes care of the vertical part of the swing and limits the turn. The turn has to be a centred, no sway one, around a steady head. A couple of months ago I started using a 2 stage sequence method to guarantee that my turn wasn't shortchanged and my head remained steady. I've always used a right sided takeaway with the left side relatively passive. I've discovered that a pull around and to back with the right shoulder blade, followed by a push up and around with the left chest, on the same plane, keeps my swing centred while producing a very consistent 3/4 turn. This has resulted in a big increase in distance with the longer clubs and much better consistency.'s picture

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A few years ago I committed to PPS and especially my iron play was spotted on. Driving distance became an issue however. As a senior golfer I couldn't afford to become shorter. Any suggestions?

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Fairly common because most drivers are built with long shafts. Try chocking up on the driver and see what happens, or find a shorter driver to try.

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Too much turn is my issue. At my club fitting I was told this. Plus last week my Saturday round I was struggling with this, but the last 6-7 holes I really focused on using my shoulders as the "ringing the bell" for the bump. Hit it much better. Then on Sunday I hit 10 out of 18 greens, probably a record for me. Playing today at Stony Creek, looking to continue the good ball striking.

DJ: good round, congrats on making the cut. Good luck on the weekend.

Surgites: have a great weekend, hit em well friends.

Jerry - Warren, MI

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Please show the proper sequence and swing in the skipping a rock technique.
Thank you Jerry H. Philipps