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Reasons For Hitting Thin Shots

Thu, 09/29/2011 - 18:50 -- Don Trahan

Today's tip came from three separate questions from our first webcast of The Surge Show. Fendrick Smith, Scott Silverman and Jay Wagner all had questions about hitting thin shots. I've reprinted Jay's question below as it gives us some insight into what is the #1 reason players hit thin shots.

"Hi, Surge,

Thanks for all your insight into the golf swing. After years of lessons with instructors telling me my swing was too steep (vertical) and trying to make me rotate beyond my physical ability with resulting pain, I came across your site. I downloaded all the videos and the manual last Feb. I have made progress especially with my woods and hybrids which I hit more solid and straight. I just had my driver cut down to 43 inches and adjusted to the same swing weight. What a difference! My weak area is irons. I tend to have a lot of thin hits and those that aren't thin are still right of my aiming line, not a slice, just right. If I try to move the ball slightly forward, the thin shots get worse. Any suggestions about how I can get better iron contact?"

Gentlemen, even without seeing you swing I feel 90-95% certain I know what is causing you to hit thin shots. How can I be so sure? Because I know that 90-95% of ALL swing errors are due to improper alignment--The Big A! In Jay's case, he says that when he doesn't hit a thin iron, it usually goes the right. This tell me that he is not lined up parallel left. When you hit a good shot, one that you feel was struck square and solid, and it still goes right or left of your target line, I want you to swing back down to your address position without moving your feet. Then lay your club across the toe line and step back behind it and check where you were aimed. More often than not, you'll find that the ball went straight to where you were aimed!

So how does poor alignment relate to hitting thin shots? Here's how: Somewhere along your backswing, your brain subconsciously realizes that your body is not properly aligned and it tries to make adjustments. More often than not, you start your swing with a shoulder turn and, as a consequence, you get way ahead of the ball. You'll quickly lose your dynamic balance and hit a thin. Check out today's video and you'll see a good demonstration of this.

So if you want to stop hitting thin shots or topping the ball, check your alignment as it is the most likely culprit. As I always like to say "Alignment, alignment, alignment. Don't play golf without it!"

Keep it vertical!

The Surge

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