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Rotational Golf Instruction with hints of PPGS Terms

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 11:21 -- Don Trahan

We have a letter today asking about other golf instructors that clearly teach a rotational swing using PPGS like terminology and even some of our concepts. This is a phenomenon we have been seeing a lot lately. Of course, we are subscribed to other golf instructors newsletters - standard business practice to know what you competitors are doing right? We have noticed a noticeable up-tick in other instructors using terminology and concepts very similar to what we teach and have taught for nearly ten years.

In the PPGS we try to use visual descriptions to help you remember the golf swing and now some other instructors are borrowing some of those visual descriptions. But the point of this message is this, always remember they are not a vertical swing just because they may be using some terms or concepts similar to ours. If then do not have a short limited-turn backswing (they swing into the SBG) and finish square to the target they are not vertical. 


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Submitted by chreynolds on

Lost you for a few months and missed you. Saw Kenny Knox at our club on Sat selling putters and he reminded me of you. I would like to get emails of your daily lessons. Thanks.

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Dear Don

I hope you are well.

I have a question. Assuming set up parallel left correctly on the down swing you do the one inch parallel move to the target with your hips should the shoulders remain parallel to target just as you strike the ball. I look forward to you comments and thank you.

Kind regards

John email

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

I haven't commented in a long time. Just watched Surge's coverage of the X factor. Alignment, don't play golf without it! I turn 60 years young the 20th and am reflecting quite a bit lately as I head into the back nine (more like the final 5 holes) of life God willing. Golf continues to be a big part of my life and Cindy and I are still playing twice a week. Don's lessons continue to remind and guide us. The PPGS 3/4 vertical swing is the only one Cindy has ever know and she's straight and long most of the time. Glad to see Don is still marching along and teaching the swing in the simply best way available.
Life's Good,
Robert Meade

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Submitted by Hacker89 on

Hi Don. A while back you did a video encouraging Surgites to show it to their local professional with a view to signing up as an instructor. I can't find it in the daily videos. Could you post a link? Thanks

Duhh! Just found it on Youtube - "Message to Your Golf Pros to Become PPGS Certified" .

However, the video doesn't give any information on the procedure to become PPGS certified. How would a UK based pro proceed please?

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Surge, the announcers at the US Open are talking about Rickie Fowler's driver and how he cut the length on his shaft. They talk about his improved control with good distance. Thanks to you and Doc, Surgites already know this. But I watched a YouTube golf vlogger who put a 3-wood shaft in his driver and a 5-wood shaft in his 3-wood. What are your thoughts on that?'s picture

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Just wondered if any members have tried the new GX7 X-Metal. I have had problems using my driver for a while now and had an email about this new Driver the GX7 x-Metal . It says it is the first driver specifically built for amateurs. It is shorter than the average driver and you use it like a 7 iron with the swing speed of a driver. I do not normally go out and buy any of these golf gimmicks, but this one offered a full money back guarantee after 60 days if not satisfied. I decided to try this product and since using it have never looked back. I hit the ball straight and long up to 300yds on nearly every drive using the PPGS of course. Even on miss hits the ball does not miss the fairway. You can even hit this club off the fairway, so long Par fives are a thing of the past. To me this is an amazing product. It is also the first club I ever bought that has not been custom fitted using the Trackman. It now gives me the confidence everytime I use this club knowing that I will hit that ball straight down the fairway at least 9 times out of 10. Driving has become a pleasure again.