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Senior Plus 3 Handicap Testimonial

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 20:40 -- Don Trahan

Today I read you an excellent letter I got from someone that came to see me for private lessons. What is noteworthy about this student is his golf game was already very good. After he had left, I got an email from him the next day that was a joyous response to our lesson together. He highlights a critical thing about the PPGS and our instructors - we are not afraid of making changes to your swing. We all need adjustments to our swing from time to time, even the best players in the world.

Reach out to any of our instructors, and you will get the same treatment as this happy individual!

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I hit my fairway woods and Hybris very good. Most times where I want the ball to go. This goes for my iron also. But off a tee I am never sure where it will go.
My drives normaly travel left to right and get a slice when I swing to hard. But why off the Tee is there such a loss.'s picture

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Hi Surge
I was watching the 2017 Masters and in particular Ryan Moore. If anyone has a vertical swing, that guy does! It would be interesting to see a split screen comparison between your swing and his. Is that possible?
Patrick Brooke
Cheltenham UK

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Hey,... something in the May issue of Golf magazine that is well worth a try, whether your chipping is or isn't consistent. It involves using a right arm dominant tossing motion with a pre-set open stance that gives excellent contact, direction and feel for distance while facing the target.

It will be a week or so before I can test this outside due to a late winter here. I do have a 20 yard indoor area and a mat to hit off and the technique has been working amazingly well. I can test the quality and consistency of ball first contact, by placing a thin plastic training device, a couple of balls to the right of the ball on the mat.

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For the last year I've been using the simple move described in the following link as a downswing trigger instead of the lower body bump.

A few months ago I posted another link related to this move.

The following link describes 4 ways to start the downswing and it may be a worthwhile exercise finding the one that works best for you. Moving the left shoulder away from a steady head gives the same results as method 3 in the article but might in effect be a 5th method.