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Structurally Sound at Address

Sat, 10/28/2017 - 11:01 -- Don Trahan

Today's video is a great discussion on staying structurally sound at address. And it is spurred by an email asking me about the players on the Senior Tour that appear to not be slowing down in their golf game. How do they do it?

Their swings are structurally sound! They are keeping their swing in check and using a more body friendly swing to keep from damaging their body so they can come back the next day and win tournaments.


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Doug Tewel has some new videos out that look remarkably like the PPGS method. Have you seen them?

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Hi Surge,

Been a while since I've popped in to comment, but that doesn't mean I've stopped checking in or following the PPGS. This video and your birthday sale reminded me to tell you a story. A couple years ago my oldest brother was here in Dallas visiting for a day and we went to the driving range for a couple buckets. My brother had barely made it through 20 balls before he was complaining about his back pain and that he'd have to stop. He was worried he really couldn't play golf anymore, as bad as his pain was getting.

So, I took a couple minutes and walked him through the basic setup and swing for PPGS. It didn't take him long to get it, and not only was he able to finish the bucket of balls, but his back actually felt BETTER after, and his accuracy improved while his distance stayed the same. When he went home, I sent him one of your videos as a gift.

I forwarded him your email about your birthday sale this past week and he said he'd gotten the same already, since he's been devoted to your swing ever since that day and no longer worries that he'll have to give up golf.

That goes to show how sound the PPGS is. :)'s picture

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