Target Awareness Test

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

Golf is all about hitting your targets. But, if you're not sure where your target is, how can you ever expect to hit it?

Even if you've picked out a target and know exactly where you're trying to hit the ball, what happens when you get into your setup position? Are you still able to see the target in your mind's eye? A good test to try is after you've picked out your target and set up to the ball, lift up your arm and point to where you believe the target is located. If your alignment is off even a little, you're not going to be able to point anywhere near where you think you are.

Check out the video above to see how you can test your target awareness.

Keep it vertical!

The Surge

P.S. To follow my son DJ's scores on the PGA TOUR this week, click here.


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Submitted by Robert Fleck on

Had fun tracking DJ's round today. A little stumble coming in, but he's in the thick of things there. Nobody in Puerto Rico has run away the way JB Holmes did in the first round in Doral. Damn, what a performance that was. I was watching it on Live@ when he got to the first hole and hit his tee shot so far right he was almost playing from the 18th fairway, and then he almost ended up chipping in for an eagle there.

As for the tip today, it's always a good one. Sometimes it's a shock to look down your arm and see where you are actually aimed.

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Submitted by schultzy on

Hi Don

I have been using the "Junior Golf Blueprint" to hone my swing technique as you recommended and it's working well, my only problem is my stock swing path is a fade (Not a Slice) and I have corrected that back to a Straight shot with all clubs (when I swing correctly) My dilemma is when I wish to hit a control Draw I use the technique you demonstrated on The Blueprint which works on all my Irons and Hybrids, sometimes on my 3 wood but rarely on my Driver which Doc Griffin made me, don't get me wrong it's a great club and extremely accurate both while hitting a straight Drive or a Fade but not on a Draw??? any Ideas.

I love your PPGS which gives me pain free accurate golf and my handicap just keeps coming down as I perfect it, shot games still my stumbling bloke but with Kenny's video I'm getting that under control to. Glad to see you doing well after your heart surgery, I was having hear surgery myself just down the road

when you were in Brisbane last time so missed seeing you (hence using the Junior Blue Print) keep up the good work.