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Torque Stance Behind the Ball Hitting Up on the Ball

Thu, 08/03/2017 - 19:43 -- Don Trahan

One of our watches wrote in with a great observation on the stance, torque and body position. One of the many aspects of the PPGS that differs from the rest of the golf world is that we want to be behind the ball, stay behind the ball, and hit up on the ball - not down. Our goal is to tear the grass out of the ground and not take divots.

Now, of course, one of the obvious benefits of not taking a large divot is the physical abuse on your body. Shoveling dirt with a golf club isn't good for anyone's upper body. The other benefit is distance and accuracy. Also by hitting a ball in this way there is no fear of hard pan, cart paths, or hitting off mats!


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Submitted by Dave Everitt on

A lot of reminders, in this video, of how and why, this swing is so effective and body friendly. My golf buddies cringe when they see me hit balls from a cart path, but is no problem at all with the Surge swing. I used to have all kinds of elbow, hand and back problems before switching to this swing.

My bad ankles won't support the kind of rolling action and the bump that Surge teaches, but I've found a simple swing thought that accomplishes the same thing without overstressing the ankles.

If I use the downswing trigger thought of separating my left shoulder from my chin and moving it laterally toward the target, the head stays very steady until after impact and the divots are thin. The feeling is similar to giving someone a check with the outside of the lead shoulder. Any weight transfer is automatic and not something that has to be thought about because it just happens without excess joint stress.