Swing Surgeon Custom Fitting Process

What is different about purchasing clubs from Swing Surgeon compared to walking into a store to purchase clubs? Our clubs are completely custom fitted to your needs. This why you will not see information about shafts, shaft length, grips, and why you cannot pick clubs to make your purchase.

The very first step of the process is to get remotely fitted for clubs, this is a risk free purchase with no obligation to purchase a single club. The end result of this process is a professional recommendation of the clubs you need in your bag to play the best golf of your life. You will be presented with options of clubs based on your budget. This recommendation will provide you the clubs that you need in your bag. Not every club is necessary or required for each person.

Doc Griffin has perfected this process over the course of many years to the point that he can custom fit a set of clubs to a person as if they were physically in his shop. In order to be able to offer this great service, the remote fitting process is extensive.

Curious about what is in the form?  The form can be downloaded here .  But note that it cannot be submitted without having purchased a long distance fitting from the website.

At any time if you have questions, please contact support and we will get you the answers you need promptly!


Doc Griffin explains the custom fitting process.


View the below video where Don and Doc discuss the remote fitting.  This video is from 2011 so there is some information in it that pertains to some events on the site in 2011, but the main subject of the video is about the remote fitting process.

Still have questions?  Use our special contact form specifically for custom club and fitting questions.