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Thu, 03/28/2013 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

I recently received a nicely written message from Don Klein commending the Peak Performance Golf Swing. Of course it's always nice to hear that golfers are playing pain-free golf and having positive results, but the reason I wanted to share the message with the Surge Nation isn't just because it's a nice story. There's one particular part of Don's letter that I think speaks to a big problem in rotational golf instruction.

See if you can pick it out:

Hey Surge,

I just read your daily about playing with no pain and thought I would tell you a little about my pain/no pain experiences. Everywhere I go it seems that we always start talking about golf. The dentist, bank, check out lines, work, parties, friends' houses, appointments, the practice range, repair shops...you get the idea. The conversations always, and I mean always, turns to back and or knee pain from golfing. I am 54 years old and in great shape and when I started playing golf four years ago, the back pain from the many rotational swing lessons forced me to consider giving it up for good. I did not know at the time that there was an alternative swing method. Then a new golf friend suggested your website. Three years later, I can play all day, everyday, (when I can), am not intimidated by a tough course, and play to a 15 handicap (sometimes single digits) and have a blast doing it. Playing a round or two with your swing actually makes my back feel better, almost like a good massage. Now when I have those conversations at all the above mentioned places, I tell all the pain sufferers that they can actually play pain free and play well. I don't know how many of them are open-minded enough to actually give SwingSurgeon.com a try, but I hope some have. There is a lot of bad information out there to overcome, so I will continue spreading the word. I've been working all winter on the video instructions and look forward every day to another feel good daily message.

Keep up the great work,
Don Klein
Troy, IL

With the way golf is taught by the majority of instructors, many people can become seriously involved in a struggle between staying healthy and being able to play any golf at all. Don's letter proves this. He says that any conversation about golf somehow ends up with a discussion about back and knee pain. Even he was considering dropping golf all together because of the pain he was having to play with.

Luckily, there is an alternative and it's the Peak Performance Golf Swing. The problem is that we are in the minority and many golfers don't think you can play with a limited turn, vertical swing. That's where you come in! I'm grateful for every single Surgite that has bought into what I'm trying to teach to the golfing community, and I love when we get new people to the site because that means you're out there spreading the word. Not only can you play golf with a vertical swing, but you're most likely going to play better and most certainly without the type of pain associated with a rotational swing.

Thank you Don, and everyone, please feel free to share how you found out about SwingSurgeon.com and the PPGS below! 

Keep it vertical!

The Surge

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Submitted by Dragonhead on

An interesting video Surge. We do spread the word of the pain free golf of the PPGSwing at every opportunity.
The emphasis on the pain free aspect of your swing seems to be aimed at those who have, like me, suffered injuries earlier in life. Many letters of confirmation of this are frequently sent to the site. My pain free golf is testament to that.
Perhaps it might help spread the word more, were the younger up and coming generation of golfers given the message,ie, How to avoid pain and future problems caused by the rotational swing. There is little doubt in my mind, that the rotational swing may have caused my neck problems as a younger man. Take for instance, Tiger Woods. All the young golf jocks want to emulate him. Now look beyond the hype and we have a very fit golfer with SERIOUS knee problems, which may ruin his chances of being the best golfer ever! That is only the injury we know about. Perhaps the word needs spreading to the younger players, as preventative measure, so they can continue playing the game, without the damage many of us have acquired using the rotational swing. Just like Robert Meade is giving the message to his younger brother.
Just a random thought from a Surgite who spreads the word at every opportunity. DH

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

Before I talk about getting vertical. Wanted to share with DH that my brother is older by about 16 months:) He has only recently gotten back to playing and working on his his swing again as life has currently allowed. Being my 'big brother' and his pride presents a little bit of a challenge in converting him to Surges basic swing principals but I am indeed working on him one week at a time. I am starting with alignment simply because that is his glaring fault. I may buy him an alignment stick soon and with time help him to under stand parallel left and just how far right he is usually aimed.
I was thinking about the current state of my swing and have decided to re-assert my efforts in getting more vertical/upright in my BUS and FUS. It is the one key area that I feel I have the most room to improve with my swing.
Butt on the wall, the cactus drill and whatever else, including use of the video to see my progress. I am going back to the drawing board before we get much further into the current spring season. Of I also have my favorite caddie and life partner Cindy to "tell me like it is". Remember Howard Cosell? Any how I wanted to share this goal with the Surge Nation so you all can encourage and remind me in the coming months. I want to thank Steve in part for the indirect inspiration with the recent posting of Jack Nicklaus/Surge swing comparison video(s). Really inspired me to once again to see if I can get it right.

Here they are again if anyone missed them. They have gone in my favorites list and will be reviewed again in the coming days.



If these don't inspire most Surgites I am not sure what will. It is also extra motivation to spread the word.

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Submitted by Dragonhead on

Ooops Sorry Robert, dummy of the week. I have saved this comment and the video's. A big thanks from me. Still reading Nicklaus's lessons books. His down to earth no nonsense comments remind me of Surge's. I am looking more strategically at holes than previously. Common-sense really, but that commodity is in short supply with we 'impatient' golfers hahaha.
Good start to Easter for us. Set the alarm to get up to go to the Farmer's Market about 20mile or so round trip. Leaped out of bed,before the alarm went off, dressed in a trice, ready to go! Had the wife check the time too. On arising found it was 5am not 6am hahaha! Well worth the trip in the end. Off to watch Rd 2 from Texas and have a swing session.
I used to say years ago after getting the Nicklaus book, when faced with a difficult shot, "If Nicklaus can do it, so can I"! It was surprising how many times I pulled those shots off.
Good luck on your mission to succeed with your life caddy.We are blessed to have wives who love golf. Have a great weekend. DH

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Submitted by Dragonhead on

Sounds prophetic : - ) Spreading the Word. It reminded me I had not wished all Surgites of all or no denomination, A Happy and enjoyable Easter. Stay safe, stay well, happy and above all spread the word about PPGS.

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Submitted by Steve Smith on

The golfing world is a funny bunch of people!!!!

All over the internet all I see, day after day, are people that think that the one and only acceptable power source for a swing is a turn.

More and more they are even advocating intentionally straightening the back leg in the back swing to make the hips turn even more.

Here is a cut and paste from what a rotational "coach" and "pro" said about my swing.
"Likely you're going to want to learn to turn instead of using your arms to get the club back. More rotation, more stretching the right side, etc."

Hilarious to me.

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Submitted by jonq4u@yahoo.com on

Hi Surge,
Two years ago, I had myself fitted at Haggin Oaks in Sacramento.When I got the clubs,I was hitting them okay,but not great.They are not a Surge certified fitter.I recently took them back to have them checked for the proper lie angle.I told them when I bought them that I was a surgite,and had a vertical swing.Anyway,this Lady golf pro,Penny, took me into a golf booth with all of the latest diagnostic equipment,and had me start hitting some balls with my 7 iron.When the balls were fading to the right,I said," that's the problem."What she said next,blew me away.She said I wasn't in an athletic ready position.I had too much weight on my heals,and to put a little more weight forward onto the balls of my feet. Imagine that.She put a tape on the bottom of my club,and I was hitting beautiful straight shots,and the tape showed I was making contact dead middle.

There aren't any Surge Swing instructors in Northern ,Ca.We need some, badly.This place would be ideal.It's an hour drive for me,but it would be worth it.
Jon Quinley

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Submitted by SimplyGolf on

Hi Jon. I believe there is a PPGS fitter in Loomis, Ca, just up 80 on the way to Lake Tahoe. Edit: just re-read, Jon, that you are looking for an instructor. Not so sure on that. Derek Hardy is available in SoCal, Talega in San Clemente...it's a beautiful area. :-)

Your comment on the Lady Pro (Penny) at Haggin Oaks is telling.

There are some principles that transcend all schools of thought, one of those essentials is good posture and being athletically ready. Sometimes a good place to start is with common ground.

Also up the hill from you at Black Oak in Auburn, I was paired with an LPGA teacher/pro who seemed to get the PPGS elements she saw in my swing.
Her words: "that's a pretty nice swing." I was both stunned and grateful.
She could have critiqued no end. Instead, I invited a few of her observations, and she gave me 2: both were spot on.

Imagine...just imagine if I had lectured her on PPGS.

She was just killing it from inside of 125 yards. So I wisely just shut up and enjoyed watching her quiet, beautiful, non PPGS swing.

It's about results.

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Submitted by SimplyGolf on

This is a re-post from 3/25. It seems appropriate here.

Talk about unique.

If I remember correctly, Bubba takes a huge turn, but his club is NOT wrapped around his body...it's up. And the results. This swing is a unique combination of elements.

Each of us must find our swing.

PPGS friends, may I speak plainly? (Steve, thx for "opinion" edit above.)
IMHO- There is only limited success to be found in bashing the rotational swing. When we bash, then these pros stick it inside of 5 feet from the cup from xxx yards, "we" look FRINGE and silly.

In the marketplace of ideas, we offer an viable alternative to those who might be interested. It's an honest conversation about results & longevity.

Yes, focus on what works for you.
Yes, talk about the body-friendly component. That's huge.
Yes, by all means, talk about the pros that incorporate PPGS elements.

And ask good questions: "How's that going for you?"

I still maintain that the marketplace will give feedback.
If it's viable, effective, helpful.....meets a need....the marketplace will

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Submitted by Steve Smith on

I scratch my head at any instructor (at anything) that thinks they have the one and only way to do anything, or assume something is "wrong" just because they don't do it that way, or want to go completely away from what a player's natural tendencies are for no particular reason other than to fit their idea of "correct".

I saw the same thing for years and years in the baseball world where a hitting coach could take 100 points off of a batting average in one lesson.

I would run from coaches that try to cookie cut every player they coach. Outside of some swing path to club face angle laws that are universal for every single swing there are a lot of ways to skin a rabbit.

The prevailing attitude seems to often be "If you practice long enough and hard enough with what I'm teaching you, you will improve." Which of course is true, but also true if you practiced something entirely different for the same period of time.

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Submitted by SimplyGolf on

Smith, I agree completely with you. To the great coaches & instructors.

Recognizing and developing unique giftedness is something that great coaches just do. They see something. They affirm, tweak, and watch the results.

Was just thinking of the SF Giants recent World Series championship.
What a bunch of misfits and cast-offs. They had no business being in the Series, much less dominating it. But Bruce Bochy saw something
in that bunch. There was talent there that needed to be unleashed.

It was there all the time.

NCAA mens basketball is another example. Many teams have adequate talent.
My brackets have been busted (wonderfully) by a bunch of upstarts and underdogs who have that special thing....that coach who recognizes and develops and finally unleashes them. Ever seen player or team bloom right before your eyes?

It can be a thing of beauty.

Rabbit Stew, anyone?

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Submitted by Don K. on

To SimplyGolf, The majority of PPGS golfers are mostly golfers who play once or twice a week and don't have access to the best trainers, instructors, video, doctors, massage therepists, etc. that the pros have. Many of us still have to work every day. To try to emmulate the big swing with without access to these resourses makes absolutely no sense. There is an event at a local golf course next month that is being put on by a doctors group. There will be free consultations by every type of orthopedic, physical therapy, pain management, training and physical condition created by the rotational swing that the weekenders try to emmulate. I almost had to laugh when I heard about it. Golf should not hurt, period. We part-timers cannot afford to miss work or just lay off a couple tournaments to heal up the effects of improperly using our bodies. I know that the pros have to use the big swing to be competitive, but the other 90% of us simply want to play fairly well and not have it hurt. It would be nice if The Golf Channel would occasionally show there is an alternative swing method available. Golf will continue to lose golfers if this trend does not swing back the other way a little.

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Submitted by SimplyGolf on

Great thoughts, Don.

The golf course event that brings health care professionals says it all.
Really. Now THAT would be a great venue for a PPGS rep to show up and be ready to showcase the product. A viable alternative. Cheaper than surgery.
For many who practice it, it works.

And the Golf Channel should showcase, maybe once a week, alternate approaches or schools of thought. Hmmmm. I'm not holding my breath.

BTW- which course is holding that event? I live in Auburn, and might just drop in and check it out.....joining the lame and infirm, looking for relief.

Happy Easter to all. Talk about getting lasting relief from a great Doctor.....

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Submitted by Don K. on

The golf course is Stonewolf in Fairview Hts. Illinois. It is called The Stonewolf Golf Expo and it is being put on by the Associated Physicians Group. They specialize in pain management and physical therepy. It is today, March 30. The website is associatedphysicians.com The clinic info is right there. This event has been advertized on local radio for a couple weeks, and I just laugh out loud every time I hear it. Fairview is about 10 miles east of St. Louis. I Thought about going, but knew that I couldn't stop laughing at the incredible irony of such an event. I wish I would have notified Surge earlier, It would have been a great day to bring one of his seminars and see how many of us would show up for support. Instead, I just think I will golf all day pain-free and think about all those brainwashed souls recieving therapy and treatment while drink a cold one.

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Submitted by jonq4u@yahoo.com on

I went to Ken Alterwitz in Loomis.He told me that my clubs were fitted wrong,that they needed to be another 2degrees vertical.So, when I went back to Haggin Oaks, Penny ,being an instructor and fitter,caught the flaw in my set up.I have nothing but good things to say about Ken.He just didn't see what what Penny did,and it made all the difference.Today I went to the range,and once I was warmed up,I was hitting every club, straight and longer than usual..Ken did change and shorten my driver shaft.Hitting it much better.I needed a senior flex,instead of a regular flex.The other thing that has made a difference in my consistincy, is the Enlow grips that were put on by Ken.I can't wait to play.Have to wait on the weather.

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Submitted by SimplyGolf on

Glad to hear that, Jon.

Yes, the driver shaft length/flex is a big issue.
Can't hear it enough. I would luv a driver fitting.

I choke down on my R9 each & every time.
I don't hit long, but gratefully, I'm usually in play.
Boring but in play.....I'd take that deal.

Let me know how those Enlow grips work out for you.

The weather wait may be over: we are thawed and in bloom now.
This is an awesome time of year in the Sac valley and
Sierra foothills.

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Submitted by Walburghian on

I have been following the PPS for 2 years now & arrested the increase in my Handicap, currently 9.2. Since July I have suffered from acute knee problems in my left knee, culminating in a full replacement some 8 weeks ago. During this time I continued to play, but using a Buggy & played under my Handicap twice. I am now back playing again with a new knee - but using a Buggy. I have played 2 full rounds to 13 & 15 over Par with 5 Pars on each occasion. The point I wish to make is the the PPS swing places no pressure on the back & very little on the knees - where I have replaced a "lunge" onto the front foot by a gentle "bump". We do need to spread the word, as my Clubmates still believe that I have a strange swing, even though it seems to work. Thanks to Surge again.

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Submitted by bob06905@optonl... on

I have been following the Surge for several years now and become a better golfer from using the 3/4 swing, the problem is that no one I know uses the swing. I was thinking it would be great if there was a place on the web site where people that live near each other could put their information and possibly find another "Surgite" to practice, or play golf with.

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Submitted by Hal on

Bob ,
Surge is working on that now. He will find and set up with a person to head up a group of Surgites that live in within say a 50 mile radius and those guys can have their own mini get togethers. Same course or rotate courses.

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Submitted by torser on

I have been trying for a couple of years now to get a handle on this 3/4 swing. Difficult teaching yourself however I started this season with my best score (82) on a course I have never broken 90 on. I kept it KISS and used my lead shoulder (left) as my go-no go trigger. Shoulder hits chin.. stop. I am still a work in progress with no back pain. Thanks Surge.