Wrong - Forward Press To Start The Backswing

Wed, 07/04/2018 - 10:51 -- Don Trahan

Got a question from a longtime surgite, Dewitt Strong, about forward press in the swing to start the backswing.

I was looking at some old golf books and I found on on the forward press. Basically, the book suggested the just before the backswing press your hand forward about one inch (25 mm). Then the backswing becomes opposite of the forward press.

This forward press is taught by many instructors and you see it on TV on tour, but I am here to tell you that it is wrong. As always, the Peak Performance Golf Swing is opposite of mainstream golf.

At the start of the backswing, we want to have a solid and steady stance. One important aspect, nose at the ball! Keep your nose pointed at the ball and your eyes on the ball. Take the club into the catchers mitt and up-the-tree with a solid stance.


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Hello Suge,
I have two email addresses one kept for golf...helenj.w@icloud .com

& the other which you switched me to to purchase your videos, which are fantastic and I watch religiously, ( and last competition won playing 4 under my handicap thanks),
helenj.woodhouse@gmail.com, however I don’t seem to get your daily blogs regularly.
Please help because I do not want to miss out.

Also a question, what is the best height for a driver tee, yours seemed really high? And I use a mid size?
Thanks Surge

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In baseball, if you were to do the equivalent your hitting instructor would tell you that you had a "hitch in your swing" and would set you working to get rid of it. As usually clear and straightforward post, Surge, on why so much golf mainstream instruction is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Hello fellow Surgites!

A blast from the past,that's me! For all of those recently new to this site and the Surge's swing let me take a moment to introduce myself. I hooked up with Surge years ago on a previous site and made the jump with him and the many others to this one when it was established. I was a loyal member for a few years until a freak accident in the backyard severely aggravated the lower back condition that has plagued me since high school. I was forced to take a lay-off from the game for very long time. During this hiatus, I read way to many golf books on my kindle, and when I returned to chipping and then moved on to my full swing I was a mess. Now, I could hit the ball pretty darn straight with all these new techniques and all from all these marvelous coaches of the game but my distance took a big hit. It was ironic because the reason I went looking in the first place was because of an errant driver issue prior to my injury.
To shorten this novel, as the older members can attest, I had called Doc just over a month ago thinking a ball change might help get me back that 10 yards I had lost on my irons. He told me that I probably wasn't loading my shafts and should come see him when able. Still saving for that Doc. :)
Last night, as I was taking the pups out, it dawned on me. Doc fit my clubs to the more upright Surge 3/4 swing,maybe it's because I am no longer using that swing that my distance has slacked off.
This morning I went out to the pasture for my morning exercise and hit twenty balls. I kept the knees wide,club head into the mitt & up the tree. The vast majority of these 8 irons went to the 130 yard tree. I have them marked at 100,110,121,130 & 149 yards. Four of them went past 149, caught those on the third groove instead of the customary fourth. All but one of the twenty would've made the green at my local club, its a narrow chute between the pines.
Needless to say as I close, I plan on reviewing the entire course and getting my game back on track!
God bless!

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Good to hear you are doing better. I have been a Surgite about the same amount of time and have had good results. I have had back issues the last 5-6 years, but have been able to play a lot because of this swing.

Surgites: Hope all is well with everyone. Having a good season so far - last season averaged about 92. This season 87. In the 80's 6 out of last 7 rounds. Been hitting it so-so not much time to practice so very inconsistent ball striking, but the short game has been great and the putter amazing. Over those last 7 rounds averaging 31 putts per round. Reason: got fit for a putter by Greg Courtnay last year - heavier with counter balance in the head and grip. Improved last year, but off the charts this year. Surgites - trust me getting fit for a putter will pay off.

DJ: Congrats on the made cut last week, keep up the good play. When I wrote this you were -4 after 13 R1 at the Barbasol. Hoping for a great week.

Surge: Hope all is well health wise, keep up the great work with the dailies.

Play well all,
Jerry - Warren, MI

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Surgites:At my friends house I got to see DJ in the 1st round on the Golf Channel birdie 17, and knock it to about 8 ft on 18 - but burned the edge.
Shot -5, second round shot -4. Currently T11 having weather issues 3rd round has not started yet. Hoping for a great weekend to hopefully get some status.
DJ - Good luck, fairways & greens:
Jerry - Warren, MI

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Hi Surg,
Thanks for your videos, comments and teaching...I have used your site and information for many years....but let it all slide. I have recently begun to use the PPGS system again after renewing your videos and Alignment I have actually dropped my handicap from 23 to 21 thanks to you. Can you please advise regarding driver tee height...as I notice on your video your tee height looks higher than the suggested half the ball showing above the driver face.
Thanks surge. Helen Newcastle England

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There are some older videos on tee height. We'll dig one up for tomorrow's Throwback Thursday.