Golf Club Grip Pressure Should Be Firm With Both Hands Equal

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 10:38 -- Don Trahan

A Surgite (John Black) writes in and asks a question about the grip.

You told me to tighten my right hand grip which tightens certain forearm muscles. It also tightens underarm muscles. Is that correct?

The answer is, YES! But why? Let us first talk about what mainstream golf is telling you for grip pressure. Mainstream golf tells you to lightly hold the club, hold it like a baby bird, or only as much to keep the club from falling. Google "golf club grip pressure" to find lots of sites telling you to hold the club in this manner. There are lots of other very prominent Youtube channels that try to fill you with the same information. They are all wrong. Slicing or fading a shot is not a function of golf pressure, that is a function of a bad swing and impact is not square.

Grip you club firm with both hands with even pressure. You should feel some tension in your forearms but don't squeeze so tight that the color of your fingertips starts to change or begin to press indentions into your grip.

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After we complete the 3/4 limited turn back swing do we just let the arms fall? Is there any feeling of letting the club drop into the slot?
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Right on, Don. I've recently made a concerted effort to strengthen my grip pressure as you advise and it has worked wonders. Thanks again for all you do for Surge Nation!