Martin Returns to the PPGS to Save HIs Game

Mon, 11/12/2018 - 15:26 -- Don Trahan

One of our readers writes in to let us know how he has saved his game using the Peak Performance Golf Swing. He explains how after six instructors he comes back to the PPGS and plays the best golf he has had in recent history.

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This sounds so familiar, not so much in terms of going to other instructors and methods, but over analyzing poor shots. This is why it is so important to attend one of the complete game schools. You learn exactly what you are doing incorrectly and receive an easy one page prescription to guide you, at the Phoenix school I was surprised because what I thought I was doing correctly was incorrect. So now it's alignment, set up, grip, and attitude after a bad shot " So what do it right next time." I just keep practicing from the Prescription I received making everything so much better.'s picture

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Dear Don and Doc,

I've seen many ads recently for the new (T)Less Driver and the GX-7 Driver.
They both claim to have smaller heads, shorter shafts and can help the average golfer play better golf.

These claims seem similar to the type of driver that you both endorse. What do you two think of these products? Are they PPGS friendly drivers?

I've been a Surgite for almost a decade. I had my clubs custom fit and built by Greg Courtnay, the only approved PPGS club fitter in Michigan, back in 2012. I've enjoyed the clubs and my ever-improving golf game ever since. But being a golfer, I always wonder if there's something out there that can take me to the next level. According to the (T)Less Driver folks it can replace a driver and a fairway wood, which would enable me to maybe carry another wedge.

So gentlemen, what are your thoughts on these two drivers?

Thanks again for my pain-free golfing. Though it looks like the golf season in Michigan is finished for the year.


Dave Hetu

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Submitted by Dave Everitt on

I played the last three weeks of the golf season in Alberta with my new T-less driver. It has very quickly become my favourite club to hit. This is definitely a game improvement club, designed for the average player. Although the club has a smaller head, volume wise, it's footprint is as large as other modern drivers and inspires confidence. Mine came with a good midsize grip and an excellent light weight senior shaft.

The club is basically a strong 3 wood with lots of built in forgiveness and more distance. I have a very good 3 wood but the T-less driver is much easier to hit from any lie and deadly accurate. I've been able to hit some amazing shots from the rough, downhill and sidehill shots that my old 3 wood would never handle. The results from my bad swings are way better.

I have good luck hitting most of my tee shots with this club off the deck rather than tee. There is no doubt that my driver is longer if I get it in the fairway but there is so much to be said for a club, like the T-less, that can be swung without fear using the same swing that you use with a 7 iron.

I'll still use my driver on the easy driving holes because it's fun to hit but when it comes to scoring the T-less is usually the best choice

I have quite a collection of hybrids and fairway woods to compare to this club and it wins hands down. It has already replaced my 3 hybrid and 3 wood. It will take a little more time to fine tune my swing with the T-less from a tee because as crazy as it might sound, I find it easier to hit this club off the ground. This is probably because when it sits on a tee I revert back to more of a driver swing and try to catch the ball on the upswing.

My club pro hit a few shots off a driving range matt with my club and was amazed at how straight and high the balls went. A couple of highly respected club designers were involved in the construction of this club and the quality is excellent. The GX-7 is cheaper but I don't know how well it compares overall. As far as I'm concerned, this is a club that lives up to it's hype in the infomercial. It also has a very generous 60 day return policy with no penalty for wear and tear.'s picture

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I am a firm believer in the PPGS system. I am a single digit handicap player and am hitting the fairway 75 to 80 % of the time. My weakness is distance control on my approach shots. When I have time to practice it makes a big difference but I don't always have the time to devote to those shots. Any advice for me?
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Hi Don, my name is Barry Short, I met you in Brisbane, Queensland Australia many year ago when I had a lesson with you. I know you have negated the use of slow motion for demonstration swings before, but I would like you to consider it again, it would make it so much easier for your followers to really see how the swing works. Perhaps you could talk to your camera expert and see if there was an easy way to accomplish this. Hoping for a welcome reply. Barry.

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Submitted by Robert Fleck on

Hi, Surge,

I don't get on the site as much as I used to because life has become a bit too busy with a job change a few years ago. This video reminded me, since Martin is also from the Dallas/Fort Worth area like me, to ask if you and Doc might ever come back to this area? I was able to attend your one-day school here a few years ago, but you haven't been back to Dallas since. As I'm getting older, I'm also getting to where I probably need to see Doc for a proper new fitting and get some clubs that weren't built for the me of 25 years ago.

- Bob Fleck