The "Zorro" Swing

Wed, 11/10/2010 - 11:00 -- Don Trahan

I guess this is kind of Part Two of “mind over muscle” in terms of controlling your swing. I was playing with a friend a few days ago and his iron and hybrid shots were to three quarters in the backswing. Timing, tempo, everything was right on.

Then he picked up his long driver. It was like he because possessed. He tensed up, pulled his backswing as fast as his forward upswing and did this crazy loop at the top of his backswing (way past 3/4) that looked like he was trying to make that famous Z that Zorro made with his sword on the old TV show. Of course the ball went way right.

The Peak Performance Golf Swing is the same swing, no matter what club you're using. In the PPGS, the only letter in the alphabet we're concerned about is “T” — and in the perfect “T-Finish.

The Surge!

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Thanks, Don, for posting the "lost video" about the dreaded "Zorro" swing. Your message was a great reminder of how to "swing within yourself." Or as you called it, "bebop down the fairway, bebop on the green."

Can't wait to reinforce that advice when the golf season returns to Michigan this spring.

All my best to you and yours and the Surge Nation.

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Thank you for posting the lost video. I am guilty of the same "power" hit mode from time to time. This is a great reminder to stay within your swing. When I do cut a few strokes from my score, It is hard to overcome the urge to kill the ball, but you are exactly right in play within your ability. Great Job!!!

Dave T.

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Was surprised to get an email on this. Bought back good memories of the forum etc. Any from the Swing Surgeon days still here? How is Don & DJ? Cheers Keith

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DJ is still playing when he can. Don is doing good and still plays golf weekly when weather permits.'s picture

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Just received this email today and the timing could not have been more perfect. Played a round at the Sea Island club and my drives were all over the place. The quick backswing threw my balance totally off and when trying to make corrections mid swing, well we know what happens. Miss your daily commentary. Stay safe and health, Don.'s picture

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This is a great video explaining why I so often hit the ball badly. Don, you could well be talking about me in all that you've said here and after I complete a 'hit it harder" swing and the ball shoots off the fairway, I realize exactly what I've done and the next time I make the correction and hit it straight. Golf is a game of discipline and one must be aware of this to be consistent and consistency is what gets the job done. Thank you for the lesson.

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I haven’t been receiving the daily videos in a long time. Probably because I have drifted on to a few other instructors. Well, after some injuries and my golf game getting worse I have decided to reviewed some of your older videos. A visit to the range this morning using your swing method, woke me up. Straight ball flight, without my normal slice and hitting the ball with that crisp feel. I am back.
Thank you .'s picture

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