PPGS Alignment Arrows Instructional DVD

Mon, 06/27/2022 - 22:12 -- Brady

The original video produced by Don Trahan in the 1990's for the Alignment Arrows.

In this video Don speaks a lot about alignment and the product itself. Fast forward 20 years and Don records a full-length feature video totally dedicated to the subject of alignment, The Ultimate Alignment video.

If you already have a set of alignment arrows you will enjoy this video. For others, we do have a few left for sale.

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sdhsport's picture

Submitted by sdhsport on

thank you for the reminder ... i have been hitting some shots to the right lately. i have gotten sloppy and quick stepped my setup!

swingKurt's picture

Submitted by swingKurt on

I followed Don many years ago and want to get back into the game. Are there any instructors currently teaching? i live in eastern NC, willing to travel thanks