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Alignment Affects on Pre-Loaded Heavy Right (or Left)

Sun, 05/28/2017 - 06:00 -- Don Trahan

One of my Surgism's is "Setup determines the motion". But do you know what determines setup? It should not take too much to guess. It is a topic I preach daily - " The Big A" alignment.

A lot of my tips come from what I see in Surgites that come to our schools. Even today I see people with setup problems and we get messages on the subject. Every school, there is always alignment problems, despite how much we preach it. Check your alignment! Watch the Ultimate Alignment Video to learn how to check your alignment and how to properly align your golf shots. Setup determines the motion, but often your alignment determines your setup!

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After 3 yrs away from PPGS I decided to take another look. I spent some time reviewing the basics and took it to the course. My results were surprising. My 1st iron shot was from 155 yds to the pin in the middle of the green. That's usually an 8 iron well struck. I flew the green. Over all my ball striking improved. Driver was long and straight and I expected to have trouble with longer clubs. Main problem? Alignment. I'll have to get to the range soon. It's good to be excited about the game again.'s picture

Submitted by richtorres51@gm... on

I am slicing all my shots this to say is every hit goes to the right not sure how to correct it. Please advise.