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Analysis Of Inbee Park's Swing

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

A month ago, I published a video that responded to many questions I had been receiving regarding Inbee Park's golf swing. Many of you thought that she might be using the Peak Performance Golf Swing. In that video ( which you can see here), I explained why I thought Inbee was closer to a vertical swing than a rotational swing. But, I also showed that there were differences compared to the PPGS.

After that video was published, David Pennell sent in some questions related to the points that I made. He questioned the amount of turn and where her hands were crossing her toe line based on my analysis. He wanted some feedback to see if his thoughts were correct.

I am 71 years old with a golf handicap of 21. I only play an average of once a week.  After a year or so of analyzing the PPGS I believe I am close to correctly implementing it and am very excited  about that. In response to your comments about Inbee Park's swing; would I be right in my thinking that she is not vertical because her hands cross her toe line going back and her club is pointed at 2 o'clock at the top as opposed to 12 o'clock? Not to mention her amount of turn that you pointed out in your daily video.

Thanks for your feedback. I thoroughly enjoy your "How To Make A PPGS" and pick up a different nuance/tip each time I study it.

David Pennell

Inbee Park is a very successful golfer who certainly uses somewhat of a vertical swing. However, if I had the chance to work with her, I would get her to swing even more vertically. You see, David is correct in his assumptions, but that's not to take anything away from Inbee's accomplishments.

As I've said before, some professional golfers use a vertical swing. It just depends on which tour you're looking at. A lot of senior golfers on the Champions Tour are classic, vertical swingers. The same can be said for some of the ladies on the LPGA Tour. The point is that many pros have been successful using a vertical swing with a limited turn. In the event that someone says  you cannot be successful at a high level using this swing, just look at those  two tours.

Just because you see mostly rotational swingers on the PGA Tour, doesn't mean it's the best way to swing a golf club. Of course, you can always refer to my son DJ, who has won twice on the PGA Tour and has always used the PPGS.

A vertical swing works in harmony with physics and the way our bodies were designed to move; always remember that!

The Surge

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Submitted by curtswearengin@... on

I have followed the dailys for over a year now and I have never been compelled to comment. But after such a long time following this swing. I feel I must comment or at least ask for clarification. At 15 seconds into his video from a face on view Don's club shaft and club head is at the 2 O'clock position. From a down the line view ( That is looking from the target back )Don's club is always in a 2 o'clock position. Not a straight up 12 O'clock from a face on view and I have never seen Don swing to a straight up 12 O'clock position. The only Golf instruction I have eveer seen that is truely 12 O'clock from a face on view is Taly Williams Veritical Arm Drop swing. What is Correct here from a face on view? Does the shaft and club head need to be at 12 O'Clock? Staright up and Vertical or is 2 O'clock the correct Position? Thank You In Advance Curt From Michigan

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

First, it is great that you have decided to comment. We know that there are many who choose to remain silent. Actually your comments and questions will always be welcome and normally someone will offer an answer.
Your question is a common misunderstanding. The idea of being relatively vertical and close to 12 o'clock has never applied to the face on view. It has always been applied to the down the line from behind view.
In fact if you liston carefully as you watch carefully todays video you will hear and see Surge apply the 12 o'clock principal to the down the line view.

Though we are glad to have you appreciate the daily videos I strongly recommend you at the bare minimum order and study the fundamentals videos along with the manual. Only then can you fully learn abd understand the PPGS.

Good golfing to you and please continue to add your comments and thoughts in the future.

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Submitted by Dragonhead on

That is all I can manage at the moment from stormy, rain afflicted NZ! That is-Not even able to chip on the front garden [which is as lumpy as Don's backyard driving range but the grass a tiny bit shorter ; - ], or the golf mat. So it is into the bedroom in front of the full length mirror to check out a few things.
Glad you commented on Curt's comment. Beat me to it hahaha. One thing I am learning also is: Sometimes it is beneficial to watch the daily videos more than once. Reason being, I have found with some aspects I think, ' Well I don't have that problem' and hardly hoist that information on board. For example, during those segments my concentration is not 100%,naughty,naughty me~! It can lead to missing important information. Curt may have missed the important part of today's video by so doing perhaps.
Enjoy your golf in Las Vegas while you can and hit it straighter and longer like your wife Cindy ; - ) My biggest fan is also my biggest critic hahaha. DH

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

Hello Laddie,
Wet you are and cooling off with your winter now, eh? Rats!!
Yes, I too rewatch various dailies and always pick up something my thick scull misses or wasn't ready for the first time or two.
Actually I have been rewatching the Fundamentals videos too lately. I have had it re-inforces that the more I keep it ONLY 3/4's the better. That along with focusing on swing up and at the target. The old swing left is a real stinker for me. It amazes me that it seems most of the regular tour players are into that rotational far left finish even if they start a bit vertical they finish way way left. I avoid that like the plague. My results when I focus on the finish are really good. It never ceases to amaze how far the ball flies when simply struck center and on and on. Less swing (not less speed) equals more distance and at the target more often.
Sorry you are cold and wet my friend. Perhaps you'll find an indoor option.
Keep your comments coming though, we love to hear your world renown, worldly traveler experience! Dry,hot and fast in the desert of Las Vegas.

Focus on the finish

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Submitted by Dragonhead on

Hi Robert in Dry hot and fast desert of Las Vegas. Agree whole heartedly in the results on how far the ball goes when struck centre and on-on-on. The hangover legacy from the rotational torture swing is slowly fading, thankfully. It looks as though we will be playing tomorrow with luck and next week also : - ] Then dependent on viewing times for the US Open, we may play more ; - ) Can't miss that, whatever happens.
Focusing on the finish. Will watch that now and see what if anything I missed the first time I watched it some time ago. Thanks for the input. Hit it longer and straighter in Vegas more consistently. DH in a slightly drier, cooler NZ

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Submitted by Dragonhead on

Robert, Thanks for the link. As soon as I saw the opening scene, I knew that I had not seen this video before!!!Checking the date it was shown I realized why. It was done during the first two weeks after we returned to NZ from China and we didn't have broadband access for quite some time after our return. It was a short, sharp video which reminded me again of the 'finish'. I am sure that a more recent video touched on this topic and I benefited from it. So many thanks for waking up my febrile brain once again. Yeeha! DH's picture

Submitted by curtswearengin@... on

Gentelmen, Thank You for the reply. And as I had said I have watched the dailys for over a year now and I have started and stopped at least a hundred videos to see positions. As in this video that I watched several times now BTW. Don does state in this video that 2 O'clock as he looks back from the down the line view is at the outside perameter for a PPGS. That was my point. Is something other than 12 O'clock acceptable? The reason I asked is Dons swing is somewhere around 1 O'clock from a down the line view ( Looking Back or if you will 11 O'clock from a down the line view and 1 O'clock up the tree in the forward upswing. I just wanted to be clear if something other than a 12 O'clock position was in line with the PPGS. Can You Please expand Your comment on what important information I missed in this video. Thank You in advance Curt

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Submitted by reedclfd on

Curt: Along with the excellent comments by RM and Steve, take another look at todays video at the 3:24 mark. Surge explains a very key point to making a vertical PPGS - keeping the upper arm and shoulder outside the toe line. It is okay to let the hand and lower arm (up to the elbow) go "slightly" inside the toe line. But if we over-rotate, our swing quickly gets too laid-off. I've found that my swing ALWAYS stays vertical if I keep my body/arm rotation to a minimum. Try the "cactus" drill - it is excellent for ingraining the proper body/arm/shoulder movement during the BUS. Hope this helps a little. R2

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

Curt, Surge is normally close to 12 at the top and then in transition 1 or 11 (depending on ones clock) is normal as the club drops in and slightly laid off. So that is with in the parameters. Our goal should be that 12 position though many or most don't get there. So reasonably Surge indicates that there is room between the 11 and 1 positions. Again I highly recommend you buy the fundamental program for a full understanding.

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Submitted by Robert Fleck on

Watching Inbee Park at the Wegman's. Listened to the announcers complaining about her swing again, and the one said, "She really saves it with that extra turn at the top." I heard that and was thinking, "NO! That's why she's having so much trouble controlling the ball." She actually has a near-perfect PPGS BUS until the very end when she turn her shoulders to 90* and gets herself into the SBG. If she'd just stop before that extra turn and bump toward the target instead of twisting her body around to the left to start the forward swing, I'm betting she'd have all the power and a lot more control.

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Submitted by Steve Smith on

That's the reason she struggled a lot more today with accuracy than she has been lately, and was lucky that Pressel didn't have much game at the end.

A few weeks ago she wasn't doing that at the top, and Judy Rankin was throwing a fit because she "didn't have enough turn" until it became obvious she was going to win going away. In that tournament she was more vertical and with less turn than in any video I can find of her swing...And she played some of her best golf.

Maybe Inbee made the mistake of listening to Rankin and added more turn at the top and finishing flatter...??? Ha ha!