Proper Right Elbow in Backswing and FUS

Thu, 03/03/2016 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

Once you've mastered your targeting and setup position, executing a solid backswing is the next step to a solid golf shot. In the PPGS swing manual, I talk about the importance of the backswing and keeping your elbows in an equilateral triangle position.

Your elbows should be naturally wide. Many golfers tend to drop or tuck their back elbow and drive it into their hip after they start their transition. When you tuck your elbow, you lose that equilateral triangle position, which is so important for making it to a solid impact position consistently. Think "straight up, straight down." It's a vertical motion which allows you to keep the best angles for success.

When you tuck your elbow in the backswing, the club becomes laid off, which makes for a heavy club. Keep it light and keep it vertical!

The Surge

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Hi Surge,

Did you see the young golfer hit the hole in one on Tiger's new golf course in Texas? The youngsters swing look a bit like the PPGS, what do you think?


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I know Surge saw it because he shared it on Google+. :)

The kid has very nice high hands on the finish, but he's pretty laid off in the back swing. But any way around it, that is amazingly cool.'s picture

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Pitched fast pitch softball for 45 years. Developed a very bad overuse injury in my right shoulder can't lift my right arm in the back swing much above my right shoulder. Is that the cause of a major distance loss? (120 yds with driver ;40 yards with PW)

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To D Gundling, you might want to consider going to a Doctor to check out your rotator-cuff. Many former baseball - softball players experience issues with their shoulders. That would explain one possible reason for your major loss of distance. Been there done that! Got it fixed and regained all of my distance. Keep in mind that it's a 4-6 month recovery period.'s picture

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Hi I have been working on this for a year PPGS that is I have it some what working but all my hits go right not slice just start off to the right I am hitting center of the club most time and some times the toe what am I doing wrong or how can I correct this flaws

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I was having the same problem, I realized my head was moving left with my bump, creating a new angle right. I focused on keeping my head still or even moving a smidgen right balls started going straight. Hope this helps.