Three Quarter Vertical Backswing Is Less Stressful

Tue, 01/02/2018 - 09:37 -- Don Trahan

An effortless golf swing is created on the foundation of a vertical three-quarter turn golf swing. Stress on your body is reduced by limiting the rotation in your golf swing and using a vertical three-quarter turn backswing. Mainstream golf will often say that a longer backswing puts less stress on your back. While we have lots of data that proves otherwise, the best proof is you - the reader of - that is able to play golf without pain and play more golf than you did before.

Want a stress free swing that is effortless? Stop using a rotational swing if you are now, learn what a three-quarter limited turn vertical backswing can do for you - your body with thank you!


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One of the really problematic items is that going too high at the end of the swing sometimes brings the shaft of the club to hit me on the head. Silly as it sounds, it seems to be a sign of having really gone vertical -- excessively so.