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  • Don Instructs Jr Golfers
  • Don Illustrates Begining of the Swing
  • Don Reviewing Alignment
  • Don roundtable with Jr Golfers

The wisdom of the guy who helped his son make it to the PGA Tour. By the time his kid led the Clemson Tiger golf team to the NCAA National Championship in 2003, the young man was already one of the most decorated collegiate golfers in the history of the sport.  He won the Jack Nicklaus Award (voted by the College Golf Coach's Association) as the top player in the nation.  He was also named the Player of the Year by the NCAA.  He was a Ben Hogan Award winner and he was also Golf World's top-ranked collegiate golfer.  In addition to a tremendous cache of NCAA and ACC trophies, honors, and records, he was also named a 1st Team All-American and an Academic All-American.

This video is a  great introduction to the game for above average junior player, boys and girls, and what it takes to succeed at the highest levels. (Hint: That's a lot more to it than just having a great swing.) This is real life stuff. The interviews alone are worth the price of admission. Over 3 hours of instruction and advice! 


Runtime: 223 minutes


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