Essential Videos

Essential golf training videos to perform the Peak Performance Golf Swing. These are our core videos that should be in your library to have good foundation to your golf swing.

The Peak Performance Golf Swing Introductory Package
This is it. The ultimate package for the most “body friendly” golf swing available today. Nobody comes close! Developed by Don Trahan, a PGA Master Professional, and a former Golf Magazine "Top 50 Instructor," this proven method has changed the game for PGA and LPGA Tour players as well as... Read More
The Ultimate Golf Alignment Video
I have been teaching golf for over 35 years now and so I've learned a few universal truths about the golf swing. Without a doubt, the number one truth is this: 90-95% of ALL swing problems are caused by bad alignment. That's a pretty sobering thought, isn't it? I have students ask me all the time... Read More
PPGS Golf Swing Foundations Manual
Based on PGA Master Professional Don Trahan’s best-selling book, "Golf, Plain and Simple", originally published by Harper Collins, this is an expanded and updated version of the swing book that is, quite literally, changing the golf world. Over one million copies sold worldwide in just 24 months.... Read More
PPGS Driver Swing with Don and DJ Trahan
PGA Master Professional Don Trahan and two-time PGA Tour Champion DJ Trahan share their knowledge of how to hit the hardest club in the bag. For players looking to gain consistency with their driver, this video goes beyond simple fundamentals. We’re talking LONG. But that’s just the half of it. We... Read More
Junior Golf Blueprint Course – Digital
The wisdom of the guy who helped his son make it to the PGA Tour. By the time his kid led the Clemson Tiger golf team to the NCAA National Championship in 2003, the young man was already one of the most decorated collegiate golfers in the history of the sport.  He won the Jack Nicklaus Award (... Read More
14 Drills to a Better Swing – Digital
Fascinating drills you can only get on the Surge’s lesson tee. We’ll never guarantee the number of strokes you’ll cut with these drills, but we DO GUARANTEE you’ll cut strokes! A perfect companion piece to our PPGS Foundation Series.   Runtime: 14 minutes